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More Vietnam Folk Tales - Travel reading

Call a Cat a Cat

A man was. so fond of his cat that he just ,couldn't content himself with calling it a cat. So he named it Heaven. A surprised neighbour asked the reason for this.
- My cat is a wonderful one - answered the owner -1 deem it superior to anything on earth. Only heaven can bear comparison.
- Well - hinted the neighbour - a cloud can hide heaven.
- Of course! - cried the man - I hadn't thought of that. I shall call my cat Cloud then.
- Beware! A gust of wind can sweep the cloud away.
- Well! Then let's call it Wind...
- But a wall can stop the wind.
- Right! Wall it shall be!
- Now, a mouse can nibble loles in the wall.
- True enough! But don't you think it's awkward for a cat to be called Mouse?
- Never mind the mouse, any cat will teach it how to live.
- My dear fellow, you've hi the nail on the head. I'll call my cat a cat.
- And you'll be doing right A cat is none other than a cat - concludec the neighbour.

hotel basin

hotel basin

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