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More Vietnam Folk Tales - Travel reading

Competition in Fantasy

One day when they were quite drunk following some banqueting, four mandarins proposed to hold a competition to find out which of them was the most skilled in magnifying things. The first began by saying with a straight face:
- The other day I saw a water buffalo which was so big that with one sweep of its tongue it cropped one sao1 rice-field.
- That is nothing - snorted the second - For I've seen a rope that could serve to tether a much bigger animal: it was as thick as ten columns of our communal house tied together.
- How can you two be so proud of your experience with such trivialities - said the third -I know of such a long bridge that a son living on one side of the river, on learning of the death of his father who was living on the other side, started out immediately to cross it, yet didn't arrive before the mourning was over. And you know that, according to our custom, that lasts three years. He was telling himself that he was sure to carry it off when the fourth mandarin, who had looked thoroughly unimpressed, said in a voice ringing with the accents of conviction:
- I wonder if your bridge, if you could stand it on one of its ends, could be as high as the tree I've heard about: some eggs had fallen from a bird's nest on its top. Before they reached the ground, they had hatched and the chicks had grown big enough to fly away on their own.
The four mandarins, breaking into uproarious laughter, warmly congratulated each other on the power of the imagination. Suddenly a thunderous voice was heard behind them:
- You big-mouthed liars, you should be gaoled, all of you!
Trembling with fear, they turned and saw no one but the servant, who had been fanning them.
- How dare you say such things to your masters? - they cried angrily.
The man bowed and said meekly:
- Your stories so excited my imagination that I wondered if I could add my own hoax!

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hotel basin

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