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Four blind braggarts were discussing the marvels heaven and earth
- I bet, - said a malicious joker - that none of you has ever seen an elephant.
- Alas! That's true!
- Let me help you to fill this regrettable gap. And taking them before an elephant, he said:
- You'll take turns in acquainting yourselves with the curious shape of this wonderful animal.Then, he made each of them touch a part of the elephant. When all had finished, the four braggarts went into raptures over the is at the bottom of the river.unique marvel.
- What a strange animal! - said the first one, who had touched the trunk - It's like a huge leech!
- Nonsense! - exclaimed the second, whose hands had come into contact with one of the pachyderm's ears - It's just like an enormous fan.

hotel basin

hotel basin

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