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How a Man Lost Himself

The district chief ordered one of his militiamen to escort a prisoner, a monk who had committed some offence, to the provincial court. A cangue was put on the neck of the prisoner, a warrant bearing the madarinal seal was handed to the militiaman, who also took with him a bag and an umbrella, then both set off. Being a simpleton, the militiaman was in constant fear of forgetting something. So while on the road he kept repeating to himself: "Here's the bag, the umbrella, the cangue, the warrant, the monk, and myself. Everything is in order." They stopped at an inn and the monk bought a big bottle of rice wine and some food. Further on, they found a quiet place in the woods and sat down for some drink and rest. The monk made his companion drink most of the wine, until he collapsed on the ground, dead drunk. Then he exchanged clothes with his escort, put the cangue round his neck, shaved his head for good measure, and made off. When the militiaman awoke hours later, he sat dazed for a long time. Then memories started to come back and he began counting the things he was in charge of.
- Here's the bag - he muttered - Here's the umbrella, here's the warrant, the cangue... Oh dear, where is the monk?
In his distress, he tore at Ms hair and realized that there was no hair, then he caught sight of the robe he was wearing.
- Thanks, Buddha - he exclaimed - Here's the monk with his shaven head and his robe.
But as he continued with his checking, he was again overwhelmed by despair.
- Here's the monk, and here's... But where's myself?

hotel basin

hotel basin

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