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Presence of Mind

Acertain woman and her daughter-in-law had in common - but separately - the most venial of sins: greed. As women of good birth, they were careful to hide it from the eyes of the world. One anniversary day when a number of chickens were killed, the impatient daughter-in-law, taking advantage of a moment of general inattention, poured herself a big bowl of chicken soup and slyly slipped off to the attic. But on opening the door, good Heavens! What did she see? The mother-in-law herself, sitting in a dark corner voluptuously savouring the soup, drinking it straight from a he bowl!
- What are you doing here? - said the lady indignantly.
But the daughter-in-law had time to gather her wits about her:
- Bringing you an extra portion of soup, Mother! - she replied.

hotel basin

hotel basin

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