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Rat Poison

A miser liked good food for himself but kept his servants on a rather austere diet. For more safety against pilfering and complaints, he only hired the stupidest-looking man. One day, before going out, he told his young servant, a country bumpkin he had just taken into his service:
- Keep an eye on this piece of ham and that roast chicken. And, for Heaven's sake don't you touch"these two bottles. It's rat poison of the most dangerous kind.
The master gone, his servant took the delicacies from the larder and stuffed himself washing the meat down with wine from the two bottles. The master came back only to find his man lying on his back and snoring like a top.
- Wake up, you stupid - he shouted - Where has all my nice food gone?
- I'm sorry, Master - said the servant, rubbing his eyes and yawing unashamedly - I've kept a sharp watch, but that dog was just too cunning. I just had my back turned for a minute and the two pieces of meat disappeared. I was so ashamed that I decided to kill myself with the rat poison.

hotel basin

hotel basin

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