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Such Sad Music

A man liked to fancy himself an exceptionally gifted player of dan bau, tEe one-stringed zither.Each evening he would play chosen pieces from his repertoire, having set his sights on a pretty young widow living next door. After sometime, thinking the ground had been well prepared, he availed himself of an opportunity to talk to her.
- Excuse me if you think I'm being indiscreet - he said in his most mellifluous voice - But I've observed you looked sad since I started playing my zither in the evenings. I suppose I should stop playing altogether.
- It's true, alas, that your music is so powerfully evocative - said the fair lady, modestly lowering her eyes.
- Whenever I hear the sound of your instrument. I cannot help thinking of my late husband.
- Oh, I'm sorry - said the zither-player, his heart beating faster with hope.
- I suppose he was a famous musician?
- No - said the young widow with sorrow-filled eyes - He was a cotton carder. You know, whenever you play your dan ban, it seems to me I hear my husband plucking the string of his bat bong1 to disentangle the cotton fibres.

hotel basin

hotel basin

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