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The Clever Wife

He had made a fortune, but his younger brother was getting poorer and poorer. Instead of helping his younger brother, the elder went out carousing every day with gay fellows drawn by his liberality.
- You should think of your brother, rather than throw money out of the window and fatten strangers who are only fond of your money! - said his wife.
- Speak more politely of my friends, woman! - he answered - Each one to his fate, let my brother manage as best he can!
The wife made up her mind to open her husband's eyes.One evening, taking advantage of the latter's usual absence, she killed a dog,wrapped it in a mat and put it in a corner of the garden.On her husband's return, she pretended to be panic stricken:
- What shall I do? I've killed a child!
- Heavens! How did it happen? - asked the husband suddenly sobered.
- He came to beg at the door. While I was looking for something to give him, he swore at me, finding me too slow for his liking. I hit him with a stick and he fell down dead!
- Where have you hidden the body?
- In a corner of the garden. We need someone to help us get rid of it before daylight!
- All right! It's easy - said the husband - I'll run and get some of my friends.All those who had recently sworn him eternal friendship slipped away.
- Ask your brother - whispered his wife.
- I'm afraid he might refuse too.
- Try anyway! I've heard it said that brothers are like the fingers of a hand!
The wife was right. The brother came willingly. Anxious to get his elder brother out of trouble, he came, dug a grave and buried what he thought was a child's body. The next day, the false friends came and tried to blackmail the family. Shown the door, they denounced him to the court in the hope of getting some reward. The wife then confessed to the mandarin the trick to which she had had recourse in order to convince her husband. The body was exhumed and everyone was able to see that it was only a dog. The mandarin congratulated the woman and gave the crest-fallen informers some whips.As for the husband, finding the lesson to the point, from that day on he spared his younger brother neither affection nor assistance.

hotel basin

hotel basin

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