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More Vietnam Folk Tales - Travel reading

The Mad sailor

This apprentice tailor had good reason to be discontented. Every time he went to work at a client's home and the host served up a nice meal, his employer would reply that his assistant had just eaten on the way there. Result: he sat at the table alone. The young man decided to take suitable revenge. One day when the game began again at his expense, he took the host aside and whispered to his ear:
- Be careful! My boss is subject to violent attacks of madness!
- What? Such a good tailor?
- That's right. He breaks everything and knocks people down - without going so far as murder, however!
-That would be the limit! I'll show him the door so as to preserve my precious cloth intact.
- Don't do that! You would only bring on the attack... and you will never find his equal in the district! The best thing to do is to hold yourself in readiness to intervene.
- How shall I know?
- When you see him get up, look closely at the plank bed where he's sitting and begin to pat it, his eyes haggard and with an anxious look, that means the madness is seizing him. That is the time to master it and hit hard! When he comes round, he will be rid of his trouble for the rest of the day and will thank you!
The meal over, the tailor, unaware that anything was amiss, began work sitting cross-legged on the wooden bed. After a while, unable to find his needles, he got up, examined the sleeping mat, scratched it and patted it to see if they hadn't slipped between the crevices in the weaving. The entire household fell on him.
The apprentice whom, as can be guessed, had hidden the needles, is still running.

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hotel basin

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