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Combine your Vietnam or Cambodia trip with an extension into Southeast Asia's least-known holiday destination, the mountainous, laid-back country of Laos, and experience Indochina at its most natural..

Luang Prabang Things to Do

Another UNESCO World Heritage site and arguably the most beautiful town in the whole of Southeast Asia, Luang Prabang is deservedly Laos's most popular destination. Scenically situated at the confluence of the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers and nestled amongst mountains, it combines some of the regions best preserved French colonial architecture with a relaxed, friendly ambience that is typically Laotian. At night, the town comes alive with a vibrant night market, a lively bar scene, and some of the world's most romantic riverside dining. The surrounding area is perfect for cycling, motorbiking, cruising along a particularly rocky and picturesque section of the Mekong, and exploring the local stilthouse villages. Book several nights - you definitely wont want to leave this beautiful spot in a hurry.

Vientiane Things to Do

Laos's sleepy capital is one of the region's most underrated cities. Though bypassed by many tourists for the more obvious charms of Luang Prabang, it's a charming city that takes a little bit longer to work its magic - but after a couple of days wandering its quiet streets, marvelling at the beauty and sheer number of old Buddhist temples, and eating/drinking in the city's riverside bars and restaurants, you will have been seduced. Enjoy the tranquility of Wat Sisaket, the city's oldest and most beautiful temple, marvel at the stunning golden stupa of That Louang, and explore the city's fascinating food market, before taking a trip out of town to mysterious Buddha Park. Round off your day with a cold Beer Lao and some tasty local cuisine while enjoying the sunset over the Mekong. Perfect!


Xieng Khouang Things to Do

Dotted with historical sites, Xieng Khouang province is a great place to learn about Laos's history, both ancient and modern. The mysterious Plain of Jars, with its thousands of iron-age jars scattered seemingly randomly across the landscape, will amaze you, while the hundreds of bomb craters and the devastated landscape are evidence of Laos's turbulent recent history. As is Muang Khoun, the old provincial capital - once home to dozens of 16th century stupas but virtually obliterated during the Vietnam War. The ancient stupa of That Dam and the ancient Buddha of Wat Phia Wat give you a mere hint of the town's former glory.

Things to Do

Day 1: Arrive at Luang Prabang airport and transfer to your hotel to relax. In the evening, climb Mount Phousi for a stunning view of the sunset over the town, before descending to have dinner on the banks of the Mekong and shop at the bustling night market.

Day 2: A full day to explore this gem of a town. Early risers can experience the colourful daily alms ceremony where orange-clad monks collect donations of rice from the townspeople. After breakfast, explore the town's numerous temples, wander its scenic lanes and alleyways, and visit the magnificent Royal Palace museum. In the evening, try some of the tempting local street food.

Day 3: Luang'Prabang is located on one of the Mekong's most scenic stretches, to make the most of its location with a full day river cruise. Relax on deck while your boat slowly chugs upstream, stopping off at local weaving and winemaking villages to chat with the locals. Have lunch on the riverbank, explore mysterious Pak Ou caves, and then cruise back to Luang Prabang in time for riverside sundowners in town.

Day 4: An early start as we take a long road trip to Xieng Khouang. Although this mountainous 250km trip is not for the fainthearted, it offers some of the most stunning mountain scenery you will see anywhere in the region, as well as stops at some truly remote and rarely visited H'mong villages and the fascinating Pathet Lao caves. After a long journey you'll need to rest, and where better than a cosy mountain lodge with log fire and tasty French restaurant.

Day 5: After enjoying the cold morning air and spectacular views, head down to Phonsavan to visit the morning market and sample some fresh ants' egg soup! Then move onto the ancient regional capital of Muang Khoun and its ruined temple, before experiencing the amazing Plain of Jars. Xieng Khouang Airport is right next to the Plain, so a short transfer and then its time to fly to Vientiane. On arrival, transfer to your hotel. In the evening, enjoy terrific views, cold Beer Lao and delicious Lao/Thai cuisine at stylish Kong View restaurant.

Day 6: Kick off your day with a visit to Vientiane's colourful food market, before enjoying a tour of the city's many temples, including ancient Wat Sisaket and sparkling That Louang. In the afternoon, take a short drive outside the city to visit fascinating Buddha Park with its huge collection of photogenic Buddhist and Hindu statues. In the evening, it's back to the riverside for delicious food and live music at Lao Garden restaurant.

Day 7: If pressed for time you can head on out of Laos today, but we think you'll want a free day simply to wander around Vientiane and synchronise your body's rhythms to the city's remarkably laid-back pace. Every street seems to have a temple to visit and a quiet beer garden to relax in afterwards. In the evening, try delicious and reasonably-priced French cuisine at the popular La Terrasse restaurant.

Day 8: With a tear in your eye no doubt, say goodbye to Laos as you transfer to the airport for your onward flight. Stay overnight in the new provincial capital of Phonsavan and enjoy awaking to fresh mountain air and stunning views, before visiting the town's extraordinary local market, where such delicacies as grilled gopher, grilled squirrel and ants' eggs await courageous diners!

The South

Easily accessible by road from Vietnam, the south of Laos gets fewer visitors than the centre & north and is thus a great place for some real off the beaten track exploring. Enjoy wandering around the Hanoi-esque French colonial streets of the riverside city of Savannakhet; pick up the Laos section of the Ho Chi Minh Trail at the pleasant village of Xepon; relax in the charming, little known town of Champasak (one of the region's up & coming destinations); and visit the stunning pre-Angkorian temple complex of Wat Phou, another UNESCO World Heritage site and a far less commercialised temple experience than that of Angkor Wat. And nature lovers will be in their element at Si Phan Don, Laos's famous Four Thousand Islands, an amazing archipelago in the middle of the Mekong and home to charming villages, ancient temples, rare species (including freshwater dolphin) and Southeast Asia's biggest and most spectacular waterfalls. Perfect country for biking and trekking. Want to cover both countries during your trip? We can offer two ways of travelling between the two countries: Air - fly direct from Hanoi to Luang Prabang, or from HCMC to Vientiane with a short stopover in Phnom Penh. Expensive routes by local standards, but the quickest way to travel! Road - from the north of Vietnam, enter the north of Laos via Dien Bien Phu or head via the scenic Kaew Nua Pass from Vinh to Lak Xao. From the centre, take the Lao Bao pass into Laos towards Savannakhet.

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