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Cooking Vietnam Cusine

Rice, Seafood, Beef, Grilled pork

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(Northern dish)

Cooking Vietnam

Vietnam Cusine
Rice & Noodles

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Ingredients: (makes 4 bowls)

600 g bun (round rice noodles)
300 g pork side
300 g pork shoulder (lean)
200 g green papaya and carrot
500 g raw leafy vegetables (lettuce, coriander, Vietnameseperilla, Vietnamese palm)
2 shallots
200 ml vinegar
10 g sugar
Fish sauce, salt, pepper, and cooking oil to taste
500 ml sweet-and-sour sauce (see sauce A3-II)
Condiments: vinegar with garlic, lime, and diced chili.


1. Cut pork side along the grain into slices measuring 4x5 cm. Then cut those slices across the grain into pieces 0.5 cm thin. Crush or finely chop one shallot and use it to season the pork along with salt, fish sauce, pepper, and sugar. Let marinate for 60 minutes.
2. Finely chop (or mince) pork shoulder along with the second shallot, and season for 60 minutes in the same manner as the pork side. Mold into flat round patties about the same size as the slices of pork side.
3. Peel papaya and carrot, cut into pieces measuring 1.5x1.5x0.5 cm, squeeze with salt, and then rinse and drain. Add vinegar and sugar and mix thoroughly to make pickles.
4. Rinse and drain raw leafy vegetables.
5. Prepare 2 stainless steel grill racks.


1. Place each slice of pork side on a grill rack until it is full. Grilled pork side is called cha mieng. Brush oil on another grill rack and fill with the pork shoulder patties, this is called cha vien.
2. Make a charcoal fire and heat until the coals are red. Place the grill racks on the coals and turn frequently so that the pork does not burn. Remove when meat browns and becomes fragrant. When serving: Place some pickles in a bowl, add cha mieng and cha vien, and add sweet-and-sour fish sauce so that it covers the two types of cha. Place bun and raw leafy vegetables on separate plates.When eating, each person can add bun and raw leafy vegetables to their own bowl, adding condiments to taste.

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