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Cooking Vietnam Cusine

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(Central Vietnamese dish)

ingredients: (makes 1 plate)

300 g pork fillet
100 g pork fat
10 sheets of rice paper (16x16 cm square)
5 g sugar
1 bunch of assorted herbs
1 sour star fruit or 25g
25 g green banana
1/2 bulb each shallot and garlic
10 stalks of green onion
3 tablespoons of cooking oil
Fish sauce, salt, and pepper to taste
300 ml Leo Sauce (see Sauce A5-II)


1. Slice pork into 2x3x4 cm pieces, and season with fish sauce, sugar, diced shallot and garlic for 15 minutes.
2. Boil pork fat and dice into 0.5 cm3 cubes.
3. Mince the chopped pork in a food processor for 2 minutes and stir well with the pork fat. Mold the mixture into balls (15 g/ball) and steam for 2 minutes, then let cool.
4. Peel green banana. Separate 5 wings of star fruit. Slice banana and star fruit wings into large pieces (same size as the meat balls); soak in salt water for 30 minutes, then drain.
5. Rinse and drain herbs.
6. Blanch green onion and drain.
7. Cut each sheet of rice paper into four equal pieces (4x16 cm).


1. Spear the meatballs onto skewers or place in a roasting rack.
2. Make a charcoal fire and heat until the coals are red. Brush the meat with cooking oil and roast over the coals, turning so it does not burn. Remove when the meat browns and becomes fragrant.
3. Onto each piece of rice paper, put a meatball, one piece each of banana and star fruit, and herbs. Roll and tie with a piece of blanched green onion.Place the rolls on a plate and serve cool with Leo sauce.

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