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Vietnam Restaurant Recipes

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Cooking Vietnam Cuisine

Traditional Vietnamese cooking is greatly admired for its fresh ingredients, minimal use of oil, and reliance on herbs and vegetables. With the balance between fresh herbs and meats and a selective use of spices to reach a fine taste, Vietnamese food is considered one of the healthiest cuisines worldwide.
Cooking Vietnam

Vietnam Cusine
Rice & Noodles

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Main Dishes

Pork dishes

Fried minced pork with com (Green rice flakes)
Fried minced pork wrapped in blumea leaf
Spring rolls (Northern style)
Lui spring roll (Central Vietnamese dish)
Boiled Pork Northern style
Boiled Pork Central Vietnamese style
Boiled Pork Southern style
Braised Pork Northern style
Braised pork with boiled egg (Southern dish)
Sweet leaf (Katuk) and minced pork soup(soup with vegetables)
Pork and chayote soup (soup with vegetables)
Pork, egg and tomato soup (mixed soup)
Mushroom and gid song (pork paste) soup

Beef dishes

Saulteed beef, onion and mushroom
Saulteed beef and cauliflower
Braised beef and ginger (Northern dish)
Braised beef and cinnamon (Central Vietnamese dish)
Braised beef in sauce (Southern dish)
Grilled beef (Northern style)
Grilled beef (Central Vietnamese dish)
Grilled beef (Southern style)

Chicken and duck

Boiled chicken (Northern dish)
Chicken with onion and rau ram (Vietnamese coriander) (Central Vietnamese dish)
Chicken with bean sprouts (Southern dish)
Braised chicken with mushroom
Saulteed chicken in coconut milk (Southern dish)
Chicken spring rolls (Southern dish)
Stewed chicken with lotus seed
Stewed duck and taro (Northern dish)
Cooked duck with bamboo shoots (Northern dish)
Cooked duck with pineaple (Central Vietnamese dish)

Fish, shrimp, and crab

Fish sour soup (Northern style)
Fish sour soup (Central Vietnamese style)
Fish sour soup (Southern style)
Braised mackerel in fresh tea (Northern dish)
Braised fish with bamboo shoots (Central Vietnamese dish)
Braised fish in coconut juice (Southern dish)
Steamed fish with mushroom (Northern dish)
Fried diced fish (Northern dish)
Crab spring rolls (Southern dish)

The English word "noodle" corresponds to half a dozen different words in Vietnamese. Below is an explanation of the three different types of noodle you will encounter in this section. Enjoy! Pho and bun are two different types of white rice noodle that are processed into different shapes. While phd is flat, bun is round. Hu tieu is a thin, square noodle made from tapioca starch. In the past hu tieu was dyed yellow or pink but today it is opaque white like phd and bun. The vermicelli called for in this cookbook, also known as Chinese vermicelli or cellophane noodles, is a thin, clear noodle made from mung bean, arrowroot, or tapioca flour.

Rice and noodles

Fish chao (Northern dish)
Shrimp and crab chao (Central Vietnamese dish)
Shrimp and crab chao (Southern style)
Chicken chao (Northern dish)
Pork chao (Northern dish)
Beef chao (Central Vietnamese style)
Beef chao (Southern Vietnam style)
Bun with pork balls (Northern dish)
Beef bun (Northern style)
Beef bun (Southern style)
Grilled pork and bun (Northern dish)
Chicken, shrimp and crab bun (Central Vietnamese dish)
Southern style beef bun (Southern dish)
Chicken vermicelli soup (Northern dish)
Crab vermicelli soup (Northern dish).
Beef Pho (Northern dish)
Rare beef Pho (Northern dish)
Chicken Pho (Northern dish)
Hu Tieu (Southern noodle dish)

Sauces, stocks, and salads Sauces

Chili and lime sauce
Garlic and chili sauce
Sweet and sour sauce
Leo sauce
Chicken bone broth


Carrot and papaya salad
Bean sprout and cucumber salad

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