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Duong Lam Vietnam

Duong Lam Ancient Village has a history of about 1,200 years and is well-known for its surviving laterite brick houses, built three to four centuries ago. Laterite is red clay formed from weathered basalt found in northern Vietnam. The village is also famous nationwide as “the hometown of two kings”.

Duong Lam

Duong Lam Vietnam

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The Ke Mia Locality
Duong Lam ancient land in Vietnam
A holy land of celebrated persons
A land of a thousand year civilisation
The preserved customs and habits
Some traditional crafts
A variety of buildings of Vietnamese traditional worship
The Mia Pagoda
The Communal House of Mong Phu Village
The Lady Mia Temple
Phung Hung Communal House
Ngo Quyen Temple and Tomb
Giang Van Minh Temple

Ancient houses Duong Lam
Recommened Tours
Starting your Tour
Mong Phu Communa House

The Giang Van Minh Temple
Walking around Mong Phu Village
Mia pagoda

Visit an Ancient house
Visit the Phung Hung Ngo Quyen Temples

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