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Bac Kan Province

Capital: Bac Kan Town
Ethnic groups: Viet (Kinh), H'Mong, Tay, Dao
Highlights: ATK Tunnels, Ba Be Lake and National Park

Tourist Attractions

Ba Be National Park

Ba Be National Park is one of the most valuable natural resources in the North. It is 250km north of Ha Noi. Located in Ba Be District, the park covers a vast area including Nam Mau Commune and a part of three communes of Khang Ninh, Cao Thuong and Cao Tri. 
Covering an area of 7,610ha, this area includes beautiful fresh lakes of Ba Be surrounded by limestone mountains and a primitive forest. The vegetation cover of the Ba Be National Park represents many types and statuses of forest. The flora contains 1,281 species classified into 162 families, 38 of which are listed in IUCN's Red Book. The park is proud of its fauna with 553 species of animals with 27 orders consisting of dozens of rare and endemic species like Great Hornbill (Phuong hoang dat), Rhinopithecus Avunculus (Vooc mui hech), Presbytis Francoisi Francoisi (Vooc den ma trang)... 
The Ba Be National Park has set up a programme on eco-tourism development with 3 models to attract thousands of travellers: traditional tourism, cultural tourism and adventurous tourism. This natural site possesses varieties of landscapes: Ba Be Lake, Puong Cave, Na Phong Cave, Hua Ma Cave, Tien (Fairy) Stream, Ba Goa (Widow) Islet, Dau Dang Waterfall and numerous villages of the Tay, H'Mong, Dao, Nung and treks in primitive forest.Together with the landscape of Ba Be Lake, the Ba Be National Park is regarded as one of Viet Nam's most beautiful natural heritage sites and has been recognized as the ASEAN heritage park in 2004.. 
Boats and guides can be hired. It is possible to stay in stilt houses in Pac Ngoi, a village of Tay people. Food is available in the village, including fresh fish at reasonable prices.

Ba Be Lake

Travelling along National Highway 3 from Ha Noi through Thai Nguyen Province to Bac Kan Town, then 40km further to the north past to the town of Cho Ra, and continue 14km, you will reach Ba Be Lake. 
Ba Be Lake is the largest natural lake in the Viet Nam. It stretches in between mountains of limestone and schist containing hidden caverns and underground streams. The lake is 8km long, 3km wide and from 20 to 30m deep. It contains two islets. One of them is called An Ma Islet because it looks like a tE horse riding in the water. The other is Ba Goa (Widow) Islet with the legend of a kind widow. 
In 1995, Ba Be Lake has been recognized as one of the world's 20 special freshwater lakes that need to be protected at the Conference on World Freshwater Lakes in the US.

Puong Cave

Puong Cave located on the Nang River, 5km from the town of Ba Be District, was created by the river's current as it flowed next to the base of the Lung Nham Mountains, which are a chain of limestone mountains. The cave is about 200m long, with an average height of 25 to 30m. 
Sailing in the dim light of the cave on a small boat, you can see various strange stalactites at the entrance. Thousands of bats live inside.

Dau Dang Waterfall

Dau Dang Waterfall is located where the Nang River enters Tuyen Quang Province. It flows for 2km where the Nang River is blocked by various sized stones slopping for nearly 500m. The pleasant look of the waterfall and the primitive nature of the forest are extremely impressive. Furthermore, there is a special rare and valuable species of fish called ca chien living in the river; some of these fish weigh over 10kg. 
Dau Dang Waterfall is 16km from Ba Be District, 3km from Ba Be Lake.

Hua Ma Cave

Hua Ma Cave, also called "Dau Ngua Cave", is in Quang Khe Commune, 8km from the centre of Ba Be National Park. With its dome, 10-40m high, the widest of 50m and 500m long, it is famed for stalactites of different shapes evoking various wonderful forms.

Room Waterfall

Room Waterfall lies in Quang Thuan Commune, Bach Thong District, 8km from the town of Bac Kan. Among natural scenery of rivers, rocks, and forests, Room Waterfall is located where the Cau River is blocked by a kilometre long mass of rocks.


Thach Long Pagoda Festival

6th and 7th day of the 1st lunar month . 
This festival is held annually at Thach Long Pagoda in Cao Ky Commune, Cho Moi District.
The Thach Long Pagoda Festival is an occasion for local people to bum incense in memory of their family ancestors. Additionally, it involves games, keo co (tug of war), hat luon (a style of traditional singing), traditional dancing, mountain climbing, etc.

Ba Be Lake Spring Festival

10th day of the 1st lunar month 
The Ba Be Lake Spring Festival takes place in the village of Nam Mau Commune, Ba Be District. The ethnic identities of the locals are portrayed through numerous traditional games and competitions, such as wrestling, racing, and dancing. 
The most animated and original activity is a boat race on the lake. The young women row while the young men steer, following the beating of a drum. Behind the boats, water sprays out into white foam forming dragon tails. Cheers and applause from the spectators echo across the lake. 
Another game of the festival is con throwing, which is an activity that matches young men and women together. Five-coloured con balls are thrown back and forth through a ring hanging from the top of a hoisted shaft of bamboo. The boy or girl catching the con ball must then meet the thrower alone. As a result of this tradition, many young couples have fallen.

Tourist Information

IDD code: 84 - 281


Bac Kan Town is 168km from Ha Noi.

Tourism Division (DCST)

Group 5, Duc Xuan Ward, Bac Kan Town 
Tel: 3872 652, Fax: 3871 734

Tour Operator 

Bac Kan Import- Export and Tourist Co.

Truong Chinh Road, Bac Kan Town 
Tel: 3870 878, Fax: 3872 285


Bac Kan Hotel

Group 8B, Due Xuan Ward, Bac Kan Town 
Tel: 3873 796, Fax: 3873 501, 86 rooms, US$18-35

Ba Be Hotel

Cho Ra Town, Ba Be Dist. 
Tel: 3876 115, US$10-15

Ba Be National Park Guest House

Nam Mau Commune, Ba Be Dist. 
Tel: 3894 026, Fax: 3894 026, 50 rooms, US$11-17

Phja Bjooc Hotel

Zone 7, Cho Ra Town, Ba Be Dist. 
Tel: 3876 250, Fax: 3876 257,15 rooms, US$8-12

Tinh Uy Guest House

Due Xuan Ward, Bac Kan Town 
Tel: 3871 037, 26 rooms, US$10-18

Post Office

Due Xuan Ward, Bac Kan Town 
Tel: 3870 101

Medical Services

General Hospital

Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Ward, Bac Kan Town 
Tel: 3870 040



Chi Kien Ward, Bac Kan Town 
Tel: 3870 291


Duc Xuan Ward, Bac Kan Town 
Tel: 3878 387


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