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Lang Son Province

Capital: Lang Son City
Ethnic groups: Nung, Tay, Viet (Kinh), Dao...
Highlights: Nhi Thanh and Tam Thanh Grottoes, Ky Lua Market, Mail Son Mountain

Tourist Attractions

Nhi Thanh Grotto

Nhi Thanh is one of the most beautiful grottoes in Lang Son Province. It is located in Nhi Thanh Street, approximately 1km from the city centre. 
Nhi Thanh Grotto is 500 metres long. On the cliffs at the entrance are 20 inscriptions that are precious historical and literary documents, including autographs of famous scholars. The statue of scholar Ngo Thi Sy on the cliff engraved in 1779 is a precious work of art. The grotto has numerous stalactites and stalagmites in different shapes. Above the grotto is Tam Giao Pagoda built in 1779. The pagoda is dedicated to Buddha, Confucian and Laotze. 
Tam Giao Pagoda and Nhi Thanh Grotto is one of the eight sites that attract a large number of visitors in Lang Son.

Tam Thanh Grotto

Situated in Tam Thanh Ward, Lang Son City, the Tam Thanh Grotto is one of the famous grottoes in Lang Son. The door of Tam Thanh Grotto is approximately 8m high, opening to a corridor of 30 stone steps shaped into the mountain. There are dense groves hiding the grotto from the sun. Poet Ngo Thi Sy (1726-1780) carved one of his texts on the grotto wall while he was a Mandarin guard in Lang Son (1777). The poem praises the magnificent natural beauty of the area, the graceful babbling sound of the water stream falling on hundreds of rocks. Here, you can explore the grotto with marvellous stalactites and a statue of Buddha. Vong Phu Mountain is located nearby.

To Thi Mountain (or Vong Phu Mountain)

Located in the complex sites of Tam Thanh, Nhi Thanh grottoes is the Vong Phu Mountain meaning "waiting for a husband". In the remote horizon, there is a stone on top of the mountain that evokes a woman holding a child in her arms. Since ancient times, this stone has been connected to a tale about To Thi, who faithfully awaited the return of her husband who had joined the fight in the North. To Thi and her child waited for so long that they turned into stone.Throughout the years, from natural and human influence, the rock has been heavily damaged. However, the province of Lang Son has had a copy of To Thi built in order to retain this cherished relic.

Ky, Lua Market

This market, in the centre of the city of Lang Son, has been open for hundreds of years as a busy trading centre for local people and vis- itors from foreign lands. It is a point of cultural convergence for many ethnic minority groups. On fair days, young people from the Tay, Nung, and Dao ethnic groups eagerly flock to the market to sell and buy goods, to make friends and to share their passion and love for each other. 
Well known to many generations of Vietnamese people, the Ky Lua Market also attracts visitors who come to buy souvenirs from their journey.

Mau Son Mountain

Mau Son Mountain, located in Mau Son Commune, Loc Binh District, east of the Northern province border, is 1,541m above sea level and surrounded by thousands of mountains running into the horizon. This area is wonderful for hiking. From the main road that wind, like a snake, cars can reach the summit of the mountain. The delicious peaches and pears grown in this area are renowned throughout the country. Scattered on the slopes are Dao ethnic hamlets, where traditional lifestyle continues to exist. Especially, there is perhaps ice and snow covering the peak of Mau Son Mountain in the end of December or January.
To get to Mau Son Mountain from the centre of Lang Son City, go along Route 4B for about 14km, and then turn left 15km.

Bac Le Temple

The temple is located in Tan Thanh Commune, Huu Lung District. It is dedicated to the Goddess of Forest, one of the three goddesses worshipped in the belief of Holy Mother in Viet Nam. 
The temple lies on a high hill and under the foliage of old trees. The main part of the temple includes front and back halls. On the roof of the front hall is a statue of two dragons flanking a moon, which symbolizes heaven and the earth. Ceremonial hall consists of six rooms. In the main room, there stand the altar of the three goddesses in the centre, and the altars of General Tran Hung Dao and Son Trang on the two sides. Other rooms are dedicated to Jade Emperor, Hoang Muoi, and Hoang Bay. 
The temple was restored twice in 1922 and 1933. It attracts a large number of pilgrims every year.

Chi Lang Defile

Chi Lang Defile is a narrow kidney-shaped valley located between high mountains and the Thuong River. This imposing site was a designated natural trap against Chinese Ming invasions. Chi Lang Defile has witnessed numerous, glorious feats of arms by patriotic Vietnamese soldiers fighting for independence. Now, those visiting the Chi Lang Defile enjoy the beauty of the mountains and rivers. It is 114km from Ha Noi by National Highway 1 A.


Ky Lua Festival

22nd to the 27th 0f the 1st lunar month.
Ky Lua Festival takes place every year at Lang Son City. The festival honours Than Cong Tai who had merit to establish Ky Lua Street and broadening trade. The solemn palanquin procession imprints national tradition. There are many folk games. The festival attracts many people even Chinese visitors.

Tourist Information

IDD code: 84 - 25


Lahg Son City, is 154km from Ha Noi; 20km from Dong Dang Town. Huu Nghi Border Gate (China Border) crossing is 3km from Dong Dang.


There are three trains offering daily connections with Ha Noi and Dong Dang, stopping in Lang Son City.

Lang Son Railway Station

Le Loi St., Lang Son City. 
Tel: 3873 452

Dong Dang Railway Station

Dong Dang Town. 
Tel: 3851 335


There are early morning departures from Ha Noi1 s Long Bien Bus Station. Lang Son long-distance bus station, 
52 Le Dai Hanh St., 
Lang Son City. 
Tel: 3873 283

Car And Motobike

Getting to and from Dong Dang from Lang Son City is possible by hired car or motorbike. Motorbike taxi (Xe om) can be found almost anywhere (around the post office and the market).


TamGia 3818 181
Khanh Linh 3788 788
Tam Thanh 3727 272
Tung Viet 3797 979

Tourism Division (dcst)

320 Ba Trieu St., Lang Son City 
Tel: 3810 253, Fax: 3810 970

Tour Operator 

Hoang Viet Trading and Tourism Jsc.

26 Ngo Gia Tu St, Lang Son City 
Tel: 3878 168, Fax: 3878 168

Lang Son Tourism and IMR-EXP Jsc.

9 Tran Hung Dao St, Lang Son City 
Tel: 3814 8481/3872 036, Fax: 3812 738

Tuong Linh Tours Jsc.

594 Tran Dang Ninh St., Lang Son City 
Tel: 387 1208/ 389 1222, Fax: 387 1208

V&T Tour

53 Ngo Quyen St., Lang Son City 
Tel: 3776 588, Fax: 3776 599


In Lang Son City

Anh Dao Hotel
1 Nhi Thanh St., 
Tel: 3870 543,16 rooms

Bac Son Hotel

41 Le Loi St., 
Tel: 3871 849, Fax: 3876 678
22 rooms, US$22++

Cong Doan Hotel

76 Le Hong Phong St.
Tel: 3870 035, Fax: 3874 239, 54 rooms

Dai Hoang Ha Hotel

43 Phai Ve St., 
Tel: 3871 118,18 rooms

Dong Kinh Hotel

25 Nguyen Du St. 
Tel: 3870 166, Fax: 3872 118,
28 rooms, US$18++

Hoa Sim Hotel

2 Hoang Van Thu St. 
Tel: 3812 008, 64 rooms

Hoang Anh Hotel

22 Le Dai Hanh St. 
Tel: 3871 366,18 rooms

Hoang Dat Hotel

2 Phai Ve St., 
Tel: 3871 177, 20 rooms

Hoang Son Hai Hotel

57 Tam Thanh St.
Tel: 3710 479, Fax: 3711 478, 31 rooms

Hoang Vu Hotel

253 Le Loi St., 
Tel: 3870 004; 28 rooms

Hoang Vu Hotel

240 Tran Dang Ninh St. 
Tel: 3873 731, 18 rooms

Kim Son Hotel

3 Minh Khai St.
Tel: 3870 378, Fax: 3872 118,
35 rooms, US$20++

My Son Hotel

69 Ngo Quyen St.
Tel: 3875 896, Fax: 3873 103,19 rooms

Nam Kinh Hotel

40 Ngo Gia Tu St.
Tel: 3717 698, Fax: 3870 323, 24 rooms

Phuong Dong Hotel

52 Le Dai Hanh St.
Tel: 3715 068, Fax: 3875 535, 32 rooms

Sao Mai Hotel

38 Ngo Gia Tu St., 
Tel: 3873127,15 rooms

Suoi Ngoc Hotel

38 Ben Bac St., 
Tel: 3710 389,18 rooms

Van Xuan Hotel

147 Tran Dang Ninh St. 
Tel: 3710 440, Fax: 3710 436, 
29 rooms, US$11-20

In Tan Thanh and Mau Son Tan Thanh Hotel

Tan Thanh Border gate, Van Lang Dist. 
Tel: 3888 066/ 3888 116, 86 rooms

Mau Son Guest House

Mau Son Commune, Loc Binh Dist. 
Tel: 3744 306, Fax: 3812 738, 
8 rooms, US$12

Yen Yen Guest House

Mau Son Commune, Loc Binh Dist. 
Tel: 3744 323, 7 rooms, US$10


Pho chua (a noodle dish) is the specialty of Lang Son. Roast duck (vit quay) and suckling pig (Ion quay) are also popular dishes.

In Lang Son City

Hoa Sim Hotel Restaurant

2 Hoang Van Thu St. 
Tel: 3812 008, Fax: 3812 738

Hoang Thinh Hotel Restaurant

319 Ba Trieu St.
Tel: 3866 699, Fax: 6250 839

Kim Son Restaurant

3 Minh Khai St.
Tel: 3712 141, Fax: 3875 490

Minh Quang Restaurant

44 Ngo Quyen St., 
Tel: 3870 417

Van Tue Restaurant

12 Le Dai Hanh St.
Tel: 3898 068, Fax: 3898 098


Dong Dang Market

Dong Dang Town, Cao Loc Dist. 8km from Tan Thanh Market

Dong Kinh Market

Ba Trieu St., Lang Son City 3-story and biggest market in Lang Son. 15km from Dong Dang Market

Ky Lua Market

Tran Dang Ninh St., Lang Son City People sell colourful brocade, clothes and foods with Lang Son's traditional flavour

Tan Thanh Border Gate Market

Van Lang Dist.

Post Office

49 Le Loi St., Lang Son City 
Tel: 3874 025, Fax: 3872 387

Medical Services

General Hospital

Nhi Thanh St., Lang Son City 
Tel: 3871 101

Traditional Medicine Hospital

48 Tran Hung Dao St., Lang Son City 
Tel: 3811 460



163 Tran Dang Ninh St., Lang Son City 
Tel: 3717 246, Fax: 3870 821


51 Le Loi St., Lang Son City 
Tel: 3876 689


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