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Capital: Thai Nguyen City
Ethnic groups: Viet (Kinh), Tay, Nung, San Diu...
Highlights: Museum of the Cultures of Viet Nam' Ethnic Groups, Nui Coc Lake, Phuong Hoang Cave

Tourist Attractions

ATKDinh Hoa

The ATK (safety zone) lies in Phu Dinh Mountainous Area in Dinh Hoa District. It is significant to note that the site was head-quarter during the nine-year war against the i French aggressors. President Ho Chi Minh ! with leaders of the Party, the State and organs of the Central Party Committee and the Government worked here from 1947 to 1954. It is estimated that there are nearly 100 historical sites throughout Dinh Hoa's mountains and forests. Of these, six sites are subject to national embellishment, namely:
- Tin Keo site is located in Phu Dinh Commune where President Ho Chi Minh lived and worked in 1947-1948 and with the Politburo made decision on the Winter-Spring Campaign in 1953-1954.
- Khuon Tat Hamlet belongs to Phu Dinh Commune where President Ho Chi Minh once lived and worked together with comrades Truong Chinh, Pham Van Dong, Vo Nguyen Giap and so on.
- Phung Hien historical site is at Diem Mac Commune where comrade Truong Chinh worked.
- Bao Lien Hamlet belongs to Bao Linh  Commune where the Ministry of National  Defence was based and General Vo Nguyen Giap worked between 1949 and 1954.
- Quang Village is in Dinh Bien Commune where the ceremony to merge the Viet Nam Liberation Propagation Detachment and the National Salvation Detachment into Viet Nam Liberation Army was held on May 15,1945.
- Former Cho Chu Prison in Dinh Hoa that was built by the French in 1916 to detain patriots and Vietnamese communists. Today, the historical site of Cho Chu Prison is preserved relatively intact and is open for visitors. Cho Chu Prison is known as an attractive place of historical and cultural interest in Thai Nguyen Province. Also in this place on May 19,2005, President Ho Chi Minh's Memorial House was officially inaugurated for public service. Visiting Dinh Hoa, visitors have a chance to sightsee the natural surroundings, such as Hang (Grotto) Pagoda, a seven-level waterfall, Bao Linh Lake, etc.

Museum of the Cultures of Viet Nam's Ethnic Groups

The Museum of the Cultures of Viet Nam's Ethnic Groups, located in centre of Thai Nguyen City was established in 1960 in an area of 28,000sq metres of which 3,000sq metres is used for exhibition. It contains more than 10,000 documents, and artifacts belong to the cultural heritage of 54 ethnic groups of Viet Nam
- Introduction (in the Great Hall): generalizing the specific characterize culture of Vietnamese ethnic groups.The Museum consists display rooms 
- Viet - Muong: Including Viet, Muong, Tho, Chut
- Tay - Thai: including Tay, Nung, Thai, Lao, Lu, San Chay, Bo Y
- Mong - Dao and Nam A: including H'Mong, Dao, Pa Then, La Chi, La Ha, Co Lao, Pu Peo.
- Mon - Khmer: including Kho Mu, Mang, Khang, Xinh Mun, 0 Du, Khmer, Ba Na, Xo Dang, Co Ho, Hre, M'Nong, Xtieng, Bru-Van Kieu, Co Tu, Gie Trieng, Ma, Co, Ta Oi, Cho Ro, Brau, Ro Mam. 
- Han - Hoa - Tang, Mien, Ma, O-Po-li-ne-di: including Hoa, Ngai, San Diu, Ha Nhi, La Hu, Phu La, Lo Lo, Cong, Si La, Gia Rai, E De, Cham, Ra Glai, Chu Ru.
Entrance Ticket: 5000VND. Open time (except Monday): Summer: 7am - 11.30am, 1.30pm - 5 pm; Winter: 7.30 am - 12am, 1.30pm - 5pm.

Nui Coc Reservoir - Tourist Site

Nui Coc Reservoir is located approximately 90km from Ha Noi and approximately 20km south west of Thai Nguyen City. The 2,500ha lake is surrounded by mountains and includes 89 islands, concealing mysterious legends, some covered with trees and others housing flocks of storks or mountain goats. Nearby the lake, Coc Mountain stands imposingly amid the blue sky, the bright sunshine over every blade of grass and twig, all creating marvelous and splendid scenery. Nui Coc Tourist Site is divided into two parts: north of the lake and south of the lake. In the north part of the lake, there have guest- houses with reasonable price, entertainment area with Legendary Palace (Huyen thoai cung), Three Pine -tree Cave (Ba Cay thong), Legendary World Cave (The gioi co tich), Water Park, Dinosaur Park, and other games...
On summer weekends it can get particularly crowded. Visitors can rent a small boat to travel around.

Phuong Hoang Cave & Mo Ga Stream

The cave is located atop Phuong Hoang (Phoenix) Mountain, 45km from Thai Nguyen City along National Road N01B in the Thai Nguyen-Lang Son direction. Visitors spend half an hour climbing up 100m to the cave. Seeing from its foot, the mountain has the shape of two laying phoenixes. Legend goes that a long time ago, there were a couple of phoenixes living very happily and they were born two eggs. Everyday, the father bird looked for food and the mother bird sat the eggs. One day lured by a new flock, the father bird forgot his task and did not come back. Until he remembered his task and returned to the nest, his wife had been transmuted into a rock. Feeling regrettable, he laid on the opposite mountain, looking toward the nest with the hope that his wife could revive. Waiting hopelessly for a long time, he was also transmuted into stone. Since then the mountain has been named Phuong Hoang. 
Reaching the mouth of the cave, visitors can see the landscape of this land. The cave includes 3 layers: the upper layer is Doi (Bat) Cave, the central is Sang (Light) Cave, and the lower is Toi (Dark) Cave. The Light Cave is spacious and well-ventilated. The stalactites in the cave glitter fancifully thanks to the light from the three main mouths of the caves. Visitors can freely imagine the forms of these stalactites such as a mother is carrying her son on her back on the way to the field, ancient people are hunting wild animals, and lanterns.
At the foot of the Phuong Hoang Mountain, there is Mo Ga (Chicken's Beak) Stream Cave. Its entrance is 100m wide and there is a stream that flows out from the cave. In front, there are many rocks and small natural pool. 
The water is clear and the landscape is fantastic. The complex of Phuong Hoang Cave and the stream in Mo Ga Cave were listed as National Site by the Government in 1994.

Duom Temple

Duom Temple is located 24km north-west of the city of Thai Nguyen off Highway 3, at the bottom of Duom Mountain in Dong Dat Commune, Phu Luong District. 
This architectural complex was built under the Ly Dynasty to worship and commemorate the Prince Consort Duong Tu Minh and his two Ladies, Princess Dien Binh and Princess Thieu Dung. It consists of the Upper Temple (Den Thuong), Middle Temple (Den Trung) and Lower Temple (Den Ha).
These constructions are set in a beautiful area, which was the resting place of Prince Consort Duong Tu Minh when he grew old. The three mountains standing in the middle of the field look like a swallow's wings. The temple was built on the sunken part of the front mountain. In front of it, the Phu Luong River flows by and, in the distance, many ranges of rolling mountains are lost in the horizon.


Duom Temple Festival

6th day of the 1st lunar month. 
This festival is organized once a year at Duom Temple in Dong Dat Commune, Phu Luong District. The festival is held in honour of the Prince Consort Duong Tu Minh and his two Ladies, Dien Binh and Thieu Dung, who made significant contributions in the struggle against the Song enemy. There are many activities in the festival, such as joss-stick offerings and singing songs for boys and girls.

Hich Festival

15th day of the1st lunar month 
Hich Festival, which takes place in Hoa Binh Commune, Dong Hy District is celebrated by the San Diu and Nung ethnic groups. During the festivities, sli songs celebrate the love of young men and women.

Tourist Information

IDD code: 84 - 280


Thai Nguyen City is 80km north of Ha Noi following National Highway 3.


Quan Trieu Railway Station

Quan Trieu Ward, 4 km north of Thai Nguyen City-centre. 
Tel: 3844 291 
There are trains from Long Bien (Ha Noi) to Quan Trieu stopping at Thai Nguyen City.

Thai Nguyen Railway Station

Dong Quang Ward, Thai Nguyen City 
Tel: 3854 244/3854 250


There are buses and minibuses to Thai Nguyen departing from Ha Noi's Gia Lam Bus Station.

Thai Nguyen Bus Station

Luong Ngoc Quyen St., 
Thai Nguyen City 
Tel: 3851 543


Ha Lan :3759 759
Hoa Linh: 3855 855
Quy Da :3856 856
Hoa Mai: 3758 758

Tourism Division (DCST)

19 Nha Trang St., Thai Nguyen City 
Tel: 3751 821, Fax: 3855 506

Tour Operator 

Da Huong Hotel and Tourist Co.

50 Luong NgocQuyen St., Thai Nguyen City 
Tel: 3855 693/ 3857 514, Fax: 3857 515

Thai Nguyen Hotel and Tourist Co.

18 Doi Can St., Thai Nguyen City 
Tel: 3855 689, Fax: 3855 578


In Thai Nguyen City

Bac Son Hotel

Trung Vuong Ward 
Tel: 3854 978, 21 rooms

Cao Bac Hotel

70 Hoang Van Thu St. 
Tel: 3855 372, Fax: 3858 663,
22 rooms, US$ 13-16

Da Huong 2 Hotel

1 Le Quy Don St.
Tel: 3855 693, Fax: 3651 746 ,
50 rooms, US$17-25

Dong A Hotel

142, group 30B, Hoang Van Thu Ward 
Tel: 3758 288, Fax: 3758 468, 
31 rooms , US$ 15-23

Huong Tra Hotel

233 Thong Nhat St., 
Tel: 3650 688,19 rooms, US$9-117

Huu Nghi Hotel

937 Duong Tu Minh St. 
Tel: 3757 567, Fax: 3752 397, 
42 rooms, US$ 10-15

Phu Thai Ha Hotel

221 Minh Cau St. 
Tel: 385 8585, Fax: 3652 089,
20 rooms, US$7-9

Thai Nguyen Hotel

2 Hoang Van Thu St. 
Tel: 3855 361, Fax: 3754 562, 
66 rooms , US$ 14-23

Nui Coc Lake Trade Union Hotel

Tan Thai Commune 
Tel: 3825 312, Fax: 3825 322, 
100 rooms, US$12-20

Thai Duong Hotel

Tan Thai Commune, Dai Tu Dist
Tel: 3825 318, Fax: 3823 5322,
200 rooms, US$ 17-19


In Thai Nguyen City

Some good restaurants are located along Minh Cau St. and Ben Tuong St.

Blue Sea Restaurant

Luong Ngoc Quyen St., 
Tel: 3855 807 

Duc Cuong Goat Meat Restaurant

Minh Cau St., 
Tel: 3855 982

Hoa Bien Restaurant

181 Minh Cau St., 
Tel: 3859 565

Song Cau Restaurant

351 Bac Kan Rd, 
Tel: 3854 124
In Dong Hy Dist.

Gia Phong Restaurant

183 Highway 1B, Chua Hang

Green River Restaurant

Dong Tam, Dong Bam Commune 
Tel: 3651 234


Dong Quang Market, Luong Ngoc Quyen St., Thai Nguyen City, near the Thai Nguyen Bus Station and Thai Nguyen Railway Station.
Central Market (also known as Ben Tuong Market), located at Trung Vuong Ward, Thai Nguyen City.


Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam's Ethnic Groups

1 Doi Can St., Thai Nguyen City 
Tel: 3855 781, Fax: 3752 940

Post Office

10 Cach Mang Thang Tam St., Thai Nguyen City. 
Tel: 3657 788, Fax: 3657 799

Medical Services

General Hospital

479 Luong Ngoc Quyen St., Thai Nguyen City. 
Tel: 3855 344

Traditional Medicine Hospital

Tan Thinh Ward, Thai Nguyen City 
Tel: 3846 167



279 Thong Nhat St, Thai Nguyen City 
Tel: 3852 760


Luong Ngoc Quyen St, Thai Nguyen City 
Tel: 3855 247


62 Hoang Van Thu St, Thai Nguyen City 
Tel: 3852 258


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