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Bac Giang Province

Capital: Bac Giang City
Ethnic groups: Viet (Kinh), Nung, Tay, San Chay, San Diu, Hoa 
Highlights: Cam Son Lake, Duc La Pagoda, Tho Ha Communal House

Tourist Attractions

Cam Son Lake

Cam Son Lake is situated in Luc Ngan District, bordering Lang Son. Ordinarily, the lake covers 2,600ha, but during the rainy season it occupies 3,000ha. The 30km-long lake is 7km at its widest point and 200m at its narrowest. 
Given the various tourism projects of the area, it should not be long before the Cam Son Lake area becomes an attractive summer tourist site. Boating, hiking, fishing, as well as visiting ethnic minority hamlets will be available for visitors. 
To get there from Ha Noi, drive to Bac Ninh (31km), then to Bac Giang (51km). Continue until the Hoa River (98km) and turn left to Cam Son Lake.

Khuon Than Tourist Site

Khuon Than which is approximately 50km from Bac Giang City, has scenic beauty with the forest, great lake and ancient relic. Khuon Than Forest covers 700ha and includes fruit gardens, where Thailand litchi, thieu litchi, Japanese persimmon and pineapple grow. 
Tu Ma Temple is also located in this area and is devoted to the cult of famous Tran Dynasty generals. This temple is listed as a place of interest by the State. Visitors can rest in the camp grounds and enjoy boating on the lake. Specialities of the region, such as honey, gecko alcohol and chestnuts, will surely delight everyone. Singing of the San Chi, Cao Lan, Nung, and Tay minorities is also popular in this area.

Suoi Mo Historical Area

To get Suoi Mo, take Road 31 for 37km from Bac Giang and turn east on Road 293 until Mo Spring. Suoi Mo Temples are devoted to the cult of Princess Thuong Ngan, daughter of the 16th Hung King. They stand along Mo Spring and consist of the Ha Temple (Lower), Trung Temple (Central) and Thuong Temple (Upper). 
It takes approximately one hour to walk from Ha Temple to Thuong Temple, or two hours to walk along the spring. The spring, which is disrupted by many falls along its course, displays lovely landscapes.

Duc La Pagoda

Duc La Pagoda, whose Chinese name is Vinh Nghiem Tu, is located 80km north of Ha Noi in Quoc Khanh Village, Tri Yen Commune, Yen Dzung District. Built during the early years of the Tran Dynasty, the pagoda lies on a hilly plain. Behind it is Co Tien (Fairy) Mountain and the Luc River is to the left. In front of the pagoda are vast rice fields scattered with small villages and the poetic Nham Bien Mountains appear away in the distance. 
The pagoda was used as a preaching place for the three True Lam ancestors, namely King Tran Nhan Tong and Monks Phap Loa and Huyen Quang. It is also as a place for assigning clergy dignitaries. 
The architecture of Duc La Pagoda falls into different sections. The first block includes the Ho Pagoda, the Thieu Huong (incense burner) Tower and the Buddhist Pagoda. The Ho Pagoda is decorated with special symbols and the Thieu Huong Tower is especially splendid, with three rows of hoanh phi (horizontal lacquered boards engraved with Chinese pictographic characters written of morals or ethic compliments) and an entrance (cua vong) painted with thin gold leaves. This chamber has many Arhat and Buddha statues in the architectural style of the Le Dynasty. 
The second building is the worship house for the first class ancestral bonzes. This house is built in a simple architectural style. It contains statues of the three Truc Lam ancestors and a hoanh phi that reads "Truc Lam Hoi Thuong". 
The third part is a two-story bell tower, and the last block is the worship house for the second-class ancestral bonzes. In the worship house, there are two statues highlighting the art of sculpture of the Nguyen Dynasty.

Tho Ha Communal House

Tho Ha, an ancient Communal House built under the reign of King Le Hy Tong is surrounded by many old trees in Tho Ha Village, Viet Yen District. It was built according to the form of the Chinese character Cong. 
The praise-giving house is 27m long, 16m wide and stands on a raised ground sur-rounded by three grey stones steps. The roofs of the Communal House are covered with ancient crescent-shaped tiles curved up like a scimitar sword blade at the four corners and decorated with purple-burned glazed terra-cotta creatures such as lion cubs. There are 22 mighty levers intricately engraved with dragons, clouds, and lion cubs. 
The praise-giving house is divided into 7 rooms and is supported by 48 ironwood pillars. The roof frame is engraved with lively scenes. The ladies in long dresses wearing their hair in buns or turbans, riding phoenixes and dragons or dancing over the floating clouds, are remarkable, The floor of the temple is laid with polished blue stones. The wooden entrance of the Communal House is engraved and painted in gold, conferring it with a solemn and ancient atmosphere. The inscription on an old stele, relates that Tho Ha Communal House was built through the material contribution of Tho Ha villagers. Even now, it is clearly still honoured and cared for with pride.

Khe Ro Primitive Forest

Khe Ro Primitive Forest is a 7,153ha protected forest in An Lac Commune, Son Dong District. The area boasts a rich variety of flora and fauna, including 236 species of trees, 255 tubers of valuable medical plants, 37 mammals, 73 species of birds and 18 species of reptiles, 7 of which are considered rare and valuable. There are many clear fresh water streams that wind through the forest. 
As one of the few remaining wild protected forests, Khe Ro Forest is a fascinating place for visitors to explore.


Phon Xuong Festival

March 16 (solar calendar) 
Every year at Phon Xuong Post in Bac Giang Province, a victory celebration is held to commemorate the day that Hoang Hoa Tham, a popular hero who led a resistance against French colonialism, won the battle to protect Thai Nguyen (1884). Tham was a general and peasant leader who championed the struggle against colonialism for more than 30 years.
The festival features traditional entertainment such as human chess, cock-fights, wrestling, lion dances, horse races and archery.

Cau Vong Festival

15th day of the 1st lunar month 
Tan Yen District in Bac Giang Province has always raised many talented people. In several areas such as Yen The, Hiep Hoa, and Kim Anh, there were numerous farmer insurrections against the feudal regime of the Nguyen Dynasty. Among them was the uprising led by Thong Thai in the early 19thcentury. Nowadays, the Cau Vong Festival is held in the Vong Communal House in Tan Yen to commemorate those who accomplished great deeds for the country, as well as the 18 dukes of the Duong family. People of all ages arrive the day before the festival begins. After the opening and worshipping ceremonies, several performances showcase the merits of the heroes. Wrestling and chess-playing competitions attract many people. Swinging is also an exciting game.

Suoi Mo Festival

1st day of the 4th lunar month 
Suoi Rio Festival takes place in Nghia Phuong Village, Luc Ngan District. The temple here is devoted to the cult of the spirit of the land. Every year, a festival is organised to pray for good crops. Several entertaining j activities including singing dialogues between boys and girls are held.

Tourist Information

IDD code: 84 - 240


Bac Giang City is 50km from Ha Noi, 110km from Huu Nghi International Border Gate j (Lang Son Province) and more than 100km ! from Hai Phong City.

Bac Giang Railway Station

Xuong Giang St., Bac Giang City 
Tel: 3554 397

Bac Giang Bus Station

Xuong Giang St., Bac Giang City 
Tel: 3854 786/ 826 141 
Ha Noi Transerco offers inter-provincial bus service (Bus N°. 203) between Ha Noi (Luong Yen Bus Station) and Bac Giang (Bac Giang Bus Station) every 15 minutes. Time of service: 5am - 7pm.

Tourism Division (dcst)

74 Nguyen Thi Luu St., Bac Giang City 
Tel: 3555 768, Fax: 3856 310

Tour Operator

Huu Nghi Bac Giang Jsc.

2 Ngo Gia Tu St, Bac Giang City 
Tel: 3856 054, Fax: 3857 278


Bac Giang Guest House

45 Hung Vuong St., Bac Giang City 
Tel: 3554 672, Fax: 854 618 
50 rooms, US$8-15

Bac Giang Hotel

8 Nguyen Van Cu St., Bac Giang City 
Tel: 3854 719, Fax: 3852 539 
48 rooms, US$22-32

Hoa Binh Hotel

223 Hung Vuong St., Bac Giang City
Tel: 3828 888
24 rooms, US$10-13

Huu Nghi Hotel

2 Ngo Gia Tu St., Bac Giang City 
Tel: 3854 345, Fax: 3857 278
21 rooms, US$8-15


Ba Loc Restaurant

6 Nguyen Thi Luu St., Bac Giang City 
Tel: 3859 894

Dao Ho Restaurant

Nghia Long St, Bac Giang City

Ha Ly Restaurant

1 Nguyen Khac Nhu St, Bac Giang City
Tel: 3858 263

Hai Dang Restaurant

Nguyen Cong Han St., Bac Giang City

Post Office

3 Nguyen Van Cu St, Bac Giang City 
Tel: 3844 902

Medical Services

General Hospital

Le Loi St, Bac Giang City 
Tel: 3854 757



45 Ngo Gia Tu St, Bac Giang City 
Tel: 3854 744


Nguyen Gia Thieu St., Bac Giang City 
Tel: 3824 654


45 Nguyen Van Cu St, Bac Giang City 
Tel: 3854 434

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