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Ha Noi & River Delta

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Ha Nam Province

Capital: Phu Ly City
Ethnic groups: Viet (Kinh), Tay, Muong, Hoa
Highlights: Ngu Dong Son Grottoes, Long Doi Pagoda,Ba Danh Pagoda

Tourist Attractions 

Truc Temple and Ngu Dong Son (Five Grottoes)

This interesting site is located in Quyen Son Village, Thi Son Commune, Kim Bang District, 7km from Phu Ly City, along Route 21A. With an area of approximately 10ha, this is a truly romantic landscape of mighty mountains and poetic oleander forests. 
Truc Temple was built to worship Ly Thuong Kiet, a national hero who came there to a halt on his way to conquer the South. On the way back from the successful expedition, he again stopped at the mountain to celebrate his triumph. 
By the side of True Temple is Ngu Dong Son, which consists of five conjugate caves in the poetic mountains of the Cam chain. Inside, you can observe the various interesting-look-ing stalactites and listen to the concert created by the wind as it is wailing through the stones of the mountains.

Ba Danh Pagoda & Ngoc Mountain

The Ba Danh Pagoda can be found in the Kim Bang District of Ha Nam Province, about 10km from Phu Ly City. It is situated on the bank of the Day River in a large peaceful area far from any urban settlement. To reach the pagoda, take a small boat across the river. The boat has a capacity of four persons, takes 15 minutes. 
At first, Ba Danh Pagoda was just a small temple for worshipping Saint Tu Phap. Then, during the reign of Emperor Le Hy Tong (1675-1705), the pagoda was renovated and embellished. Later, locals tore down the temple, brought a statue of Buddha to the site and built the Ba Danh Pagoda. After offering incense at the pagoda, visitors can continue on to Ngoc Mountain and its lush green forests.

Long Doi Pagoda

Located on Long Doi Mountain, in Doi Son Commune, Duy Tien District, 15km from Dong Van small town, 6km from National Highway 1A, the pagoda was built in 1054 during the Ly Dynasty. 
It was built on a fairly large area surrounded by three rivers and backed by against Doi Mountain. The pagoda restored many times but still Kept some valuable relics. You can still see a large stone stela and some other ancient artifacts, including Buddha statues and a remarkable statue of a bird with a human head, in the Long Doi Tower. The pagoda is open daily.

Doi Tam Drum-Making Village

This craft village is located at the foot of Doi Mountain in Doi Son Commune, Duy Tien District. Legend has it that the founder of this craft was Mr. Nguyen Due Nang. In the 10th century, he, together with his brother, chose this place to settle and handed down the drum-making craft to their villagers. After Nguyen Due Nang died, the villagers buried him at the foot of the mountain and honored him "Trang Sam" (Master of Thunder) in his memory. On the occasions of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, and traditional festivals, Doi Tam residents come to visit the founder's grave and burn incense to pay homage to him. 
Drums of Doi Tam Village have been well-known throughout the country. These drums look simple but produce very beautiful sounds that seem to express the feelings of happiness and sadness of the makers. Visiting the village, you will have opportunities to study the secret of this craft.


Lieu Doi Wrestling Festival

5th day of the 1st lunar month 
In Lieu Doi, located in Thanh Liem District, there is an annual wrestling festival held in honour of Thanh On, a member of the Doan family, who struggled against Chinese aggressors and was also a founder of military wrestling. A solemn procession is staged to open the wrestling competitions. Other activities of the festival include reading popular ve poems and cooking regional specialities.

Truc Temple Festival (Quyen Son Festival)

6th day of the 2nd lunar month 
Truc Temple in Thi Son Commune, Kim Bang District, is a memorial site for national hero Ly Thuong Kiet. Key highlights of this annual festival include hat dam Quyen Son (a special traditional singing style) and mua boi trai (the dance of sailors).

Tourist Information 

IDD code: 84 -351


Phu Ly City is 60km from Ha Noi, 30km from Nam Dinh City. 

Phu Ly Bus Station

Tel: 3854 444 
Dinh Tien Hoang St, Phu Ly City, at the intersection between Hong Phu and Thanh Chau Roads.

Bus No. 206

operates on Giap Bat (Ha Noi) -Phu Ly route every 15 minutes, costs m 14.000VND.

Phu Ly Railway Station

Tel: 3852 168
National Highway 1A, Phu Ly City

Tourism Division (dcst) 

Ly Thai To St., Phu Ly City 
Tel: 3850 545
Fax: 3852 565

Tour Operator 

Truong Giang Tourism Co. Ltd.

Group 7, Minh Khai Ward, Phu Ly City 
Tel: 3840 600


30 Thang 4 Guest House

34 Bien Hoa St, Phu Ly City 
Tel: 3853 091
42 rooms, US$9-15

Hoa Binh Hotel

104 Tran Phu St., Phu Ly City 
Tel: 3851 005
Fax: 3851 610 
65 rooms, US$17-60

Thien Phu Hotel

106 Le Hoan St., Phu Ly City 
Tel: 3841 546
17 rooms, US$9-16


Hoa Mai Restaurant

141 Le Hoan St., Phu Ly City 
Tel: 3851 827

Linh Ha Trung Restaurant

17 Bui Di St., Phu Ly City 
Tel: 3853 947

Phuong Thao Restaurant

77 Le Loi St., Phu Ly City 
Tel: 3850 307

Trung Hoa Dai Tuu Lau Restaurant

Le Loi St., Phu Ly City 
Tel: 3850 307


Bau Market

Quang Trung Ward, Phu Ly City


Provincal Museum
Ly Thai To St., Phu Ly City 
Tel: 3854 024

Post Office 

114 Tran Phu St., Phu Ly City 
Tel: 3851 031

Medical Services 

Ha Nam General Hospital

Truong Chinh St., Phu Ly City 
Tel: 3851 228

Phu Ly General Hospital

Le Loi St., Phu Ly City 
Tel: 3851 150



52 Tran Phu St., Phu Ly City 
Tel: 3851 500
Fax: 3852 848


210 LeHoan St., Phu LyCity 
Tel: 3852 763


135 Nguyen Van Troi St., Phu Ly City 
Tel: 3854 628

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