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Hung Yen Province

Capital: Hung Yen City
Ethnic groups: Viet (Kinh), Tay, Nung, Hoa
Highlights: Hien Street, Chu Dong Tu Temple

Tourist Attractions

Pho Hien (Hien Street)

Many Vietnamese are familiar with the saying "One should first visit Thang Long, then Hien Street. 
Pho Hien is located 60km from Ha Noi. To go there, take National Highway 5 to Pho Noi, then road 39A through rice fields and luxuriant gardens of longan trees.
From the 13th to the 15th century, Hien was a bustling commercial port with boats coming from China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Great Britain and France. But Hien slowly gave up its position as a commercial port to Hai Phong. However, today Hien still possesses a whole architectural complex of 60 historical remains, 100 engraved stelae as well as many temples and pagodas. Do not forget to visit the Hien Market. 
The cage-longan (the name comes from the technique of covering the longans with cages to protect them from the birds) is a speciality of Pho Hien, which is famous in the whole country. The sweet cage-longans, with a thick pulp and a thin peel, used to be offered to kings only.

Hien Pagoda

Hien Pagoda is located in Hong Chau Ward, Hung Yen. It was built during the Le Dynasty, at the same time as the Hien Communal House. Typical of the ancient architectural style of noi cong ngoai quoc, Hien Pagoda includes three front chambers, three Thieu Huong rooms dedicated to Buddha, and three back rooms for the Mothers "Mau" (the three Mothers of the sky, the water, and the forest). The Thieu Huong rooms are exceptional for their two-layer roofs and chimneys for incense smoke. 
Hien Pagoda is one of the most ancient architectural sites of Hung Yen..

Chu Dong Tu Temple

The temple is in Binh Minh Commune, Khoai Chau District, about 25km from Ha Noi along the road next to the Red River dike. Also called Da Hoa Temple, the temple is dedicated to Saint Chu Dong Tu, who is worshipped as one of the Tu Bat Tu (Four Immortals) of the Vietnamese Deities, and his two wives; among them one is Princess Tien Dung, who was the daughter of King Hung 18th. 
The temple is located on a large rectangle of land facing the west and Tu Nhien alluvial plain. The Ngo Mon (the Southern gate) has three doors. The main door is a three-partitioned structure, which features two dragons flanking a moon on the rooftop. These doors are only opened on festive days. On either side of the main door, are two doors used for welcoming visitors. 
Passing by the central courtyard, visitors will reach Dai Te, "Thieu huong" house, De Nhi Shrine, De Tam Shrine and finally the Hau Cung. The "Thieu huong" house was built in a solemn spacious architectural style. The ending of the upper rooftop and the edge of the roof are carved in detail and colour-fully modelled with many decorative shapes such as dragons and lions. The vong door at De Nhi Shrine is carved with a phoenix, huge blooming chrysanthemums and other kinds of fruits and flowers painted in vermilion and gilt. There are also beautiful bronze statues of Saint Chu Dong Tu and his wives. 
Today, Da Hoa Temple still preserves many precious relics, among which is an invaluable pair of "Bach Tho" vases ("Bach Tho" here refers to one hundred "Tho" Chinese characters engraved on the bodies of the vases in various different styles).

Phuong Hoang Temple

Phuong Hoang Temple is located in Phuong Hoang Village, Minh Tien Commune, Phu Cu District. It is dedicated to Ms. Cuc Hoa, a beautiful woman born in a wealthy family, who nonetheless always proved to love poor people and respect the truth. 
The temple was conceived in the form of the Chinese character "three". At each end, there are two pillars with lotus-shaped tops. The temple is characterized by typical overlapping architecture, which was very popular during the Nguyen Dynasty. The horizontal frames of the roof were engraved with strings of flowers. 
In the centre of the worship house, there is an altar. On both sides, there is a pair of wood panels engraved with praise for Cuc Hoa. Hanging on the left of the altar is a big bell, which was cast in the time of Bao Dai. In the main hall of the middle temple, there is a big cabinet with a statue of Cuc Hoa inside. Beside the cabinet are statues of the village Lord and village founder. 
Presently, it is still possible to admire the ancient temple, the statue of Ms. Cuc Hoa, Amitiyus Buddha, five thrones, a dragon palanquin and a bell.


Chu Dong Tu Temple Festival

10th- 12th of the 2nd lunar month. 
This festival takes place at the Chu Dong Tu Temples in Da Hoa, Da Trach, 25km from Ha Noi. Saint Chu Dong Tu introduced new agricultural techniques and developed trade for the local. The festival includes a dragon procession, many martial arts competitions, a lion dance and cheo performances.

Tu Phap Festival

8th of the 4th lunar month. 
Tu Phap Pagoda, which belongs to Van Lam District, is devoted to the cult of the four female spirits: Phap Van (Cloud Spirit), Phap Vu (Rain Spirit), Phap Loi (Thunder Spirit) 5 and Phap Dien (Light Spirit). A great proces- a sion of the villages that practice the cult of the n three ladies Ba Van, Ba Vu, and Ba Loi, come to the village to practice the cult of Ba Dien. There are also festivities organised to solicit good crops.

Tourist Information

IDD code: 84 - 321


Hung Yen City is 60km from Ha Noi.

Lac Dao Railway Station

Lac Dao Commune, Van Lam Dist. 
Tel: 3989 282
Hung Yen City is on Ha Noi - Hai Phong train route.

Hung Yen Bus Station

242 Nguyen Van Linh St., Hung Yen City 
Tel: 3862 452
Bus N0205 operates on Ha Noi - Hung Yen route departing from Ha Noi's Luong Yen Bus Station for Hung Yen every 20 minutes. Time of service: 5:00am - 8:00pm.

Tourism Division (dcst)

Quang Truong St., Hung Yen City 
Tel: 3865 288, Fax: 3551 176

Tour Operator 

Trade and Tourism Jsc.

2 Nguyen Thien Thuat St., Hung Yen City 
Tel: 3565 493


Pho Hien Hotel

58 Pham Ngu Lao St., Hung Yen City 
Tel: 3862 909
Fax: 3862 925 
26 rooms, US$10-13


Lien Loc Restaurant

8 Nguyen Trai St., Hung Yen City 
Tel: 3550 734
Fax: 3550 734

Nhu Quynh Restaurant

Cau Chui, Nhu Quynh Market, Van Lam Dist. 
Tel: 3651 708
Chicken, bird and crab


If you come here in July or August you should buy longan. Longan here is very famous for its big-size and delicious taste.


Hung Yen Supermaket

Pho Noi Trade Centre, Nghia Hiep Commune, Yen My Dist. 
Tel: 3589 161

Pho Hien Market

Dien Bien St., Hung Yen City

Post Office

4 Chua Chuong St., Hung Yen City
Tel: 3864 015
Fax: 3552 268

Medical Services

General Hospital

Hai Thuong Lan Ong St., Hung Yen City
Tel: 3862 284



304 Nguyen Van Linh St., Hung Yen City 
Tel: 3862 989
Fax: 3863 751


240 Nguyen Van Linh St., Hung Yen City 
Tel: 3972 516


9 Chua Chuong St., Hung Yen City 
Tel: 3552 128, Fax: 3552 129


Minh Khai St., Hung Yen City 
Tel: 3863 741, Fax: 3863 228

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