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Nam Dinh Province

Capital: Nam Dinh City
Ethnic groups: Viet (Kinh), Tay, Muong, Hoa
Highlights: Phu Day Site, Tran. Royal Vestiges, Pho Minh Pagoda,Co Le Pagoda, Thinh Long Beach

Tourist Attractions 

Tran Royal Vestiges

Tuc Mac Village belonging to Loc Vuong Ward is located 3km from the centre of Nam Dinh. It was the native land of the Tran Kings and national hero Tran Hung Dao. The remains of the royal residences cover an area of a dozen hectares.
Historical records mention that around the year 1239, King Tran Thai Tong ordered the construction of a royal palace in his native village. In the year 1262, he went to this palace in Tuc Mac, ordered that a banquet be served to the population and gave Tuc Mac the title "Phu Thien Truong" (Thien Truong Town). He also ordered the construction of Trung Quang Palace, where former kings (Thai Thuong Hoang) who yielded the throne to their offspring spent their last years. Pho Minh Pagoda was located west of the residences. He ordered to build another palace for the current kings to take rest at every time who come to visit Thai Thuong Hoang.
700 years has past, there was no former royal palace, but some vestiges still remain Den Tran (Tran Temple) and Pho Minh Pagoda and Tower.
Den Tran comprises three temples. Thien Truong Temple dedicated Tran Kings was made from wood in 1695 on the site of the former royal temple of the ancestors and Trung Quang Palace. Later, the temple was renovated and expanded. The present structure of Thien Truong Temple includes nine halls with 31 compartments. In the middle hall place ancestral tablets of 14 Tran Kings. Trung Hoa Temple was built in 2000 on the site of former Trung Hoa Palace. Placed in the temple are 14 bronze statues representing 14 Tran Kings, each weighting 900kg and featuring a particular personality through a delicate rendering of age, facial expression and posture. Co Trach Temple was erected in 1894 to worship General Tran Hung Dao. The temple houses the statue of Tran Hung Dao, together with nine Buddha statues, ancestral tablets of civil and military mandarins, tablets of parents, wife, children, and relatives of Tran Hung Dao.

Pho Minh Pagoda

The Pho Minh Pagoda is in Tuc Mac Village, Loc Vuong Commune, on the northwest edge of Nam Dinh City. It was originally built during the Ly Dynasty but was expanded in 1262, during the Tran Dynasty. It is now a very large pagoda, which includes a lotus pond, a floating house, and lush old trees. In front of the pagoda is a copper crown weighing 700 tons.
Over time, the pagoda has lost some of its grandeur. However, the Tran era architecture remains and can be seen in many aspects of the pagoda, such as the 96 plinth stones engraved with lotus flowers and the two pairs of stone dragons in front of the altar house. Of note, in front of the altar house is a 21m-high tower, built in 1305, which looks like a three-level lotus flower. The pedestal and the first level are constructed of engraved grey stone while the other levels are built of brick. On the top of the conical shaped tower is a stone in the form of a pen. Although the tower weighs some 700 tons, it has surprisingly stood steady on sunken land for over seven centuries. Out of the 100 original statues in the pagoda only 50 remain, but these still significantly convey the impressive original artis-tic style.

Phu Day Site

Located in Kim Thai Commune, Vu Ban District, Phu Day Siteare dedicated to Goddess Lieu Hanh, one of the four immortal Gods of Viet Nam (the others are Tan Vien, Giong and Chu Dong Tu). Visitors come to Phu Day not only to sightsee, but also with the hope of being blessed with good luck and peace.
The Phu Day Site includes three main areas: Phu Tien Huong (the Tien Huong Temple), the Van Cat Temple and the tomb of Goddess Lieu. These monuments are highly valued for their architecture dating from the end of the 19th century and early 20th century.
Tien Huong Temple: Built in the time of Le Canh Tri (1663-1671), the Tien Huong Temple has 19 blocks, which form a total of 81 chambers that look south-west to the Tien Huong Mountains. In front of the temple, there are a lake, a large yard and three two-story buildings for welcoming pilgrims. In the temple, there is a crescent pond surrounded by a short railing, two stone bridges engraved with lively looking dragons and four shrines. The shrines present sophisticated engravings. The first and main shrine boasts an intricately detailed altar inlaid with pearl shells, as well as five valuable statues dating from the 19th century.
Van Cat Temple: The Van Cat Temple was built on 1ha of land facing the northwest. The temple now has seven blocks and 30 chambers of various scales. In front of the temple, there is a southern gate system with five guard posts. Outside the southern gate is a crescent lake, in the centre of which stands a floating house with three rooms topped by curved roofs. The Van Cat Temple has four shrines similar to those at Tien Huong. Lieu Hanh is worshipped in the middle shrine, left is shrine worshipped Buddha, right is shrine dedicated to Ly Nam De.
Tomb of Goddess Lieu: The tomb of Lieu Hanh was built in 1938 with engraved grey stones. The tomb covers 625 sq m. There are north-south and west-east gates that lead to the tomb. The gates have stone pillars with stone lotus flowers on the top. In the middle of the tomb, there is an octagonal grave. Some 60 lotus flowers make it look like a shallow lotus pond.

Co Le Pagoda

Co Le Pagoda belongs to Co Le Village in True Ninh District, more than 100km from Ha Noi, 15km from Nam Dinh by National Road 21. The pagoda is a great architectural work, a mingling of the best Vietnamese traditional architecture with European influences, set in a landscape overshadowed by trees. As such, Co Le Pagoda has been a very famous site of the Red-River Delta since the 12th century.

Xuan Thuy National Park

Giao Thuy District is the ideal location to observe a submerged land environment. This area between Lu (Con Lu) and Ngan (Con Ngan) Islets at the mouth of the Red River is the product of a millennial alluvial process. Viet Nam has chosen Con Lu-Con Ngan to be inscribed on the list of international ecological zones to be protected and preserved and this has become Xuan Thuy Ramsar Reserve. The alluvial plain of Con Lu-Con Ngan has also been chosen by the Vietnamese Government to be included on the list of the National Natural Conservancy Zones.
Recently, Xuan Thuy Ramsar Reserve has been became National Park by the Government with the name Xuan Thuy National Park.
The park covers an area of 15,000ha of which 7,100ha to be strictly preservation. Forest covers about 90% of the 7,100ha site, which comprises 4,000ha of wetland, home to a rich fauna and flora system embracing 57 breeds and 111 known species of water plants.
Xuan Thuy National Park is known for its many bird varieties. There are 215 species including 160 types of migrating birds and 50 types of water birds, according to the latest survey carried out by International Bird Life. Nine of these species, including the black-faced spoonbill and the northern white egret, are listed in the world's Red Book of rare animals. The black-faced spoonbills found in the reserve account for one fifth of the bird's world community. Benthos is also plentiful in Xuan Thuy Ramsar. Fish, shrimps and crabs provide the main income of the local community.
From November to April, it is a meeting place for tens of thousands of birds migrating from the north. Xuan Thuy National Park is 160km from Ha Noi.

Thinh Long Beach

Passing Nam Dinh City by National Road 21 to the town of Hai Thinh, Hai Hau District, you will come to Thinh Long Beach.
Thinh Long has been developed as a swimming beach in recent years. This is a smooth sandy beach stretching for several kilometres to the sea in the shade of Casuarinas trees planted by the seaside. Seafood is abundant, inexpensive, and delicious.
Thinh Long Beach is on the way to be coming a prime destination for sun seekers.

Vi Khe Ornamental Plant Village

Vi Khe Village, which specializes in growing flower and ornamental plants, is situated in Nam Dien Commune, Nghia Hung District, 3. 4km from the city of Nam Dinh.
No one knows for sure when this craft began in Vi Khe Village. According to legend, the vilro lage was noted for growing ornamental plants and the art of pruning and shaping trees in the 11th century under the Ly Dynasty. Hundreds of years ago, every spring, and the kings usually held contests to select the most beautiful ornamental plants. Many Vi Khe residents won high prizes. Therefore, Vi Khe Village has become famous among flower and plant lovers.
Today, visitors to the village will be heard to talk about the varieties of orchids, camellias, and roses. Flowers and ornamental trees of Vi Khe are sold in many places in the North. Particularly, Vi Khe's kumquat trees are sought after in Ha Noi and Southern provinces.


Vieng Fair

8th day of the 1st lunar month 
Vieng market takes places once a year at Trung Thanh Hamlet, Kim Thai Commune, Vu Ban District. The unique characteristic of the market is that many of goods are secondhand garden tools or family use items such as ploughs, axes, bowls, and plates. In addition, flower and ornamental plants are also staples. Burned veal is also a specialty of the fair. Rows of stalls selling this dish attract a large number of customers. Particularly, at this market, the sellers never overcharge and buyers never bargain. This custom origins from a spiritual conception of Vietnamese people. They think that both sellers and buyers will have a good new year if they can sell or purchase a certain item. For that reason, Vieng fair is also known as Cau May (Praying for Good Luck).

Seal Opening Ceremony (Le KhaiAn) at Tran Temple

In the night of the 14th day of the 1st lunar month. 
The Seal Opening Ceremony takes place at Tran Temple. Under the Tran Dynasty, the ceremony was held annually to kick off administrative activities, including rewarding and conferring titles. The cultural and moral values then were passed from generation to generation, helping educate patriotism tradition of the Vietnamese ancestors. The ceremony opens with a seal parade, and then the seal will be distributed to pagodas, temples and visitors. Many visitors come here to pray for good luck and happiness.

Tran Temple Festival

20th day of the 8th lunar month 
Tran Temple Festival is held annually on the death anniversary of General Tran Hung Dao. It takes place at the historical site of the Tran Dynasty at the Nam Dinh City. The festival includes solemn rituals, such as palanquin procession, and traditional cultural activities. In addition, tourists can also visit Thien Truong, Bao Loc and Co Trach Temples, and Tran Hung Dao statue.

Phu Day Festival

3rdday of the 3rd lunar month 
The Phu Day Site, in Vu Ban District, is the location of the cult of Goddess Lieu Hanh, one of the four Vietnamese immortals, according to the popular tradition. The 3rd day of the festival is the most important. The main ceremonies include the Holy Mother procession and a tug-of-war competition. Besides, there are performances of cheo traditional theatre, hat trong quan songs accompanied by tambourines, wrestling, cock-fights, and chess. 
The Phu Day Festival also features a big fair. There are exhibits of local products, such as bed spreads, cupboards and inlaid furniture, as well as Chinese wooden characters and bonsai stress, not forgetting the delicious speciality of Phu Day, roasted beef dipped in ginger sauce!

Co Le Pagoda Festival

13th day of the 9th lunar month
Co Le Pagoda, located in the town of Co Le, Truc Ninh District, is dedicated to worshipping Buddha and the bonze Khong Minh Khong. During the festival there is a preaching ceremony and a sailing contest.

Tourist Information

IDD code: 84 - 350


Nam Dinh City is 90km from Ha Noi, 30km from Phu Ly, 20km from Thai Binh. Nam Dinh Bus Station, 2km from city centre 
Tel: 384 9777 
Nam Dinh Taxi, Tel: 386 8888 
Mai Linh Taxi, Tel: 625 2525

Nam Dinh Railway Station 

2 Tran Dang Ninh St., Nam Dinh City 
Tel: 383 6558
Fax: 386 5706

Tourism Division (dcst)

161 Nguyen Du St., Nam Dinh City 
Tel: 3649 701, Fax: 3640 829

Tourism Promotion Center 

27 Dang Xuan Thieu St., Nam Dinh City 
Tel: 3637 708

Tour Operator 

Nam Dinh Tourism Jsc.

151 Nguyen Du St., Nam Dinh City 
Tel: 384 9439, Fax: 364 6704


Nam Dinh City 

Hoang Gia Hotel

Km 2, Dang Xuan Bang St., Nam Dinh City 
Tel: 224 0663, Fax: 385 9663
25 rooms, US$5-9

Nam Dinh Trade Union Hotel

121 Le Hong Phong St., Nam Dinh City 
Tel: 384 1124, Fax: 384 4307 
17 rooms, US$14-16

Son Nam Hotel

26 Le Hong Phong St., Nam Dinh City 
Tel: 364 5617, Fax: 384 8915
66 rooms, USS20-25

Thanh Phong Hotel

Duong Kenh, Loc Vuong Ward, Nam Dinh City 
Tel: 368 2052
28 rooms, US$11-18

VT Hoang Hotel

153 Nguyen Du St., Nam Dinh City 
Tel: 384 9290, Fax: 364 6704 
90 rooms, US$15-50

Giao Thuy, Thinh Long & Others 

Cong Doan Thinh Long Guest House

Zone 22, Thinh Long Town, Hai Hau Dist.
Tel: 387 6033
86 rooms, US$6-16

Dien Thong Guest House

Thinh Long Town, Hai Hau Dist. 
Tel: 387 6109
20 rooms, US$10

Hai Au Hotel

Thinh Long Town, Hai Hau Dist. 
Tel: 387 6251
39 rooms, US$8-9

Hai Long Hotel

Thinh Long Town, Hai Hau Dist. 
Tel: 387 6500
30 rooms, US$8

Hoi An Hotel

Km 11, Highway 10, Vu Ban Dist. 
Tel: 399 1099
Fax: 382 0133 
20 rooms, US$13-20

HuyAnh Resort

Thinh Long Town, Hai Hau Dist. 
Tel: 379 7629
15 rooms, US$15

Minh Hai Hotel

Quat Lam Beach, Giao Lam Commune, Giao Thuy Dist.
Tel: 374 7639
45 rooms, US$13-20

Minh Hanh Guest House

Giao Lam Commune, Giao Thuy Dist.
Tel: 389 3314
50 rooms, US$9-18

Restaurants And Bar 

Canh Dieu Vang Restaurant

Highway 10, Nam Dinh City 
Tel: 3500 577, Fax: 3819 747

Hoang Gia Restaurant

Dang Xuan Bang St., Nam Dinh City 
Tel: 2240 663, Fax: 3859 663

Minh Long Restaurant

Hang Thao St., Nam Dinh City 
Tel: 3819 566

Newland Bar

217 Duong Bai St., Nam Dinh City

Thien Phu Restaurant

Highway 10, Loc Vuong Ward, Nam Dinh City 
Tel: 3680 472
Fax: 3680 474

Thuy Duong Restaurant

115 Nguyen DucThuan St., Nam Dinh City 
Tel: 3635 526

Thuy Ta Restaurant

Vi Xuyen Lake, Nam Dinh City 
Tel: 3839 160


Ba Thi Gai Cake Shop

Tran Hung Dao St., Nam Dinh City Gai cake, a specialty of Nam Dinh

Bach Dai Supermarket

46 Tran Hung Dao St., Nam Dinh City

Happy Mart Supermarket

45 Do Quan St., Nam Dinh City Rong Market Tran Hung Dao St., Nam Dinh City

Siu Chau Nguyen Huong Shop

12 Hang Sat St, Nam Dinh City 
Tel: 384 3031 
Siu Chau (high quality peanut with sesame candy), is a specialty of Nam Dinh.

Thanh Nam Supermarket

41 Dien Bien St., Nam Dinh City


Binh Minh Cinema

193 Tran Hung Dao St, Nam Dinh City

Student Cinema

512 Truong Chinh St, Nam Dinh City

Thang Tam Cinema

189 Tran Hung Dao St, Nam Dinh City 
Tel: 3849 690

Post Office

4 Ha Huy Tap St, Nam Dinh City 
Tel: 384 8253, Fax: 384 5909

Medical Services

General Hospital

2 Tran Quoc Toan St, Nam Dinh City 
Tel: 3848 837



304 Tran Hung Dao St, Nam Dinh City 
Tel: 3846 876


92C Hung Vuong St, Nam Dinh City 
Tel: 3648 634


119 Quang Trung St, Nam Dinh City 
Tel: 3867 526

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