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Phu Tho Province

Capital: Viet Tri City
Ethnic groups: Viet (Kinh), Muong, Dao, San Chay
Highlights: Complex of Hung Temple, Xuan Son National Park

Tourist Attractions

Complex of Hung Temple (Den Hung)

Den Hung

Den Hung is located in Viet Tri City, approximately 95km from Ha Noi. This group of remains is tied to the legend about the 18 Hung Kings who built Van Lang State, with Phong Chau as the capital. Den Hung is a complex of majestic architectures that consist of Ha Temple, Thien Quang Pagoda, Trung Temple, Thuong Temple, Gieng Temple, and King Hung Tomb. 
Ha Temple which was built in the 15th century, dedicated to the Mother Au Co. According to the legend, in this place, Au Co gave birth to a pouch containing 100 eggs, which later hatched to become 100 sons. In front of the Ha Temple, there is an over 700-year old tree.
Trung Temple: According to legend, the Kings Hung built the house as a place to rest and hold political meetings. 
Thuong Temple where exclusively used for the kings Hung to have offerings to the Sun God, the earth God, the Rice God, etc. 
Tomb of the 6th Hung King: According to the legend, after the victory of Saint Giong against An aggressor, he ascended to Heaven, and the 6th Hung King took off his clothes, which he put on the branch of a kim giao tree and died on the spot. 
Besides, Gieng Temple is located at the foot of the mountain. In this temple there is a well called Ngoc (emerald); thus, the temple is called Gieng (well) Temple. The legend says that Princesses Tien Dung and Ngoc Hoa, daughters of the 18th Hung King, had the habit of looking at their reflection in the well to comb their hair. 
Still remaining on Nghia Linh Mountain are many artefacts and remains of the Van Lang civilization, such as stone axes, bronze spears, ceramic bowls and plates, stone columns, terra-cotta jars, bricks and tiles.

Hung Vuong Museum

Hung Vuong Museum is located in the Complex of Hung Temple with a total area of over 15,000m2. 
The museum built in Dec. 2007 has three floors as a replica of a stilt house in the North with four red-tile roofs in style of Dong Son in combination with modern architecture. 
The ground floor includes two areas displaying items on different subjects and workshops for restoring objects. The first floor is reserved for showcasing items under the theme "Phu Tho people and land from the Kings Hung until the feudal dynasties". The second floor is dedicated to an exhibition entitled "Phu Tho people and land from the August Revolution until now". 
The museum also displays antiques of the Ly-Tran dynasties, 58 design models of Hung Vuong Tower (according to the plan, one may be chosen for building at the Complex of Hung Temple).

Lac Long Quan Temple

The temple is located in Sim Hill, Chu Hoa Commune, Viet Tri City, about 1km from Nghia Linh Mountain. Lac Long Quan Temple which was built on March 2007 and finished after 2 years, is divided into 3 areas, of which area A has 210m2 main temple. The frame of main temple is made of lim wood, roof is covered by shoe-shaped tile and floor is paved by Bat Trang brick. The statue of Lac Long Quan sitting on throne is placed on a pedestal with patterns manifesting the art of Dong Son culture. This bronze statue has height of 1.98m, weight of 1.5 tons. Area B includes managing and reception rooms. Area C includes landscape and supporting works.

Au Co Temple

The legend has it that Vietnamese people are descendants of Father Lac Long Quan and Mother Au Co. After a 3-year-and-10-month pregnancy, Mother Au Co gave birth to 100 eggs which hatched out 100 sons. The father and the mother took 50 sons each to the sea and the mountain respectively. At present, there remains a temple dedicated to the father in Binh Da Village (Ha Noi), exclusive of Lac Long Quan Temple in Viet Tri. The temple of Mother Au Co is located in Hien Luong Commune, Ha Hoa District, about 70km from Viet Tri City. 
The temple lies under the luxuriant century-old trees in the middle of rice fields by National Highway 32C. In the temple, the statue of Au Co is arranged in a solemn position, depicting an indulgent, beautiful, intelligent and kind-faced woman. There is also the statue of the second son, a talented general who is honoured as "superior deity". 
The temple festival annually held on the 7thday of the first lunar month.

Xuan Son National Park

The Xuan Son National Park was established on February, 2002. It is located in Xuan Son Commune, Thanh Son District, over 80km from Viet Tri City and 160km from Ha Noi.
The park covers an area of 15,048 hectares including 11,000 hectares-of natural forests, 1,396 hectares of limestone-mountain forests. There are many original biotopes, for example some strange plants that can change the colour of its leaves four times daily. The flora consists of 465 species of upper plants, many precious timbers (bassia, parashrea stellata, teak) The fauna has 282 species including 23 species of amphibians, 30 species of reptiles; 168 species of birds and 61 species of mammals. There are many rare species, such as Tibetan bears, cheetahs, white pheasants, gray gibbons, cobras. Here, 14 grottoes have been discovered in primeval forests on lime-stone mountains, forming an original landscape. Within the park, there are three peaks: Voi (1,387m), Ten (1,244m) and Can (1,144). Most of caves in these mountain ranges are the habitat of bats. Entering the grottoes, you can be shocked by various strange-shaped stalactites and stalagmites. Many caves, despite their narrow entrances, are very large, housing hundreds of people. There are some caves running 7-8 km inside the mountains.
Within and around the Xuan Son National Park, some ethnic groups (Muong and Dao) reside. Here, you will have opportunities to explore their life through original costumes, traditional singing and dancing performances, and handicraft products. The Xuan Son National Park is a tourist attraction for those who are interested in eco-tourism and cultural tourism.

Tham Mountain

Tham Mountain, also called Dau Rong Mountain, is located along the main road to the Thanh Ba industrial zone. On the peak of the mountain is a small pond called Ao Tien (Fairy Pond), which is always full of pure blue water. Surrounding Tham Mountain are hundreds of small hills, located one next to another.
A state plan was established regarding the growth of many industrial plants on these hills, such as tea, lacquer-plants and mu oil trees. Cement, alcohol, and fertilisers are already produced in the area. As well, there are ox and buffalo breeding farms. Tham Mountain is both a beautiful site and an economic centre in the region.

Ao Chau Pond

Ao Chau is a large pond of 3km2, spreading over three communes of Am Thuong, Am Ha, and Y Son in Ha Hoa District, 60km from Viet Tri City. Tourists can follow overland routes, or go by sea or by railway to reach this place. 
Ao Chau Pond has the shape of a giant buffalo's head whose two horns stretch out to the direction of the Thao and Chay rivers. The vast blue water of the pond remains calm all year round. On moonlit nights, the Ao Chau Pond resembles a magnificent picture with forests of palm trees, hills of tea, litchis and apricots mirroring themselves in the water. Heading for Ao Chau, tourists can enjoy the fresh air and taste local specialties like fruits, carps, trionychid turtles, crabs, snails, and so on.
Ao Chau Pond boasts 99 branches, which worm their way through nearly 100 hills and islands. Sailing along these branches, tourists seem to enter an engaging world of natural landscapes. The 99 branches are deemed to be 99 water "serpents" creeping down the pond to hold water.


Bach Hac Festival

3rd-5th day of the 1st lunar month.. Bach Hac Festival takes place in Bach Hac, in the area of Viet Tri. The festivities consist of worshipping and carrying the Saint across the Lo River to Tien Cat Village. Con (small ball made of fabric) throwing competitions at Ca. Temple, poem recitals, and rice rituals also take place. On the last day of the festival, there is the ceremony of snatching away the con by force as a token of good luck.

Hung Temple Festival

10th day of the 3rdlunar month 
This festival is organized on the date corresponding to the anniversary of the Hung Kings. The festivities take place at Hung Temple in Phong Chau. On this day, ceremonies are held all over the country in honour of this anniversary.

Tourist Information

IDD code: 84-210


Viet Tri City is 85 km from Ha Noi. Viet Tri is on National Highway 2, which links Ha Noi with Ha Giang Province and the China Border through Thanh Thuy Border Gato.

Viet Tri Railway Station

Kien Thiet St., Viet Tri City 
Tel: 3845 211, Fax: 3845 148 
The train from Ha Noi to Lao Cal stops In Viet Tri.

Viet Tri Bus Station

Hung Vuong Ave., Gia Cam Ward, Viet Tri City. 
Tel: 3846 477

Phu Tho Bus Station

Phong Chau Ward, Phu Tho Town 
Tel: 3820 265

Tourism Division (dcst)

Tran Phu St., Viet Tri City 
Tel: 3846 390, Fax: 3848 545

Tour Operator 

Phutho Tourism Service Im-Export Co.

Tran Phu St., Gia Cam Ward, Viet Tri City 
Tel: 3846 756, Fax: 3846 756


In Viet Tri City

Ha Noi Hotel

2191 Hung Vuong Blv. 
Tel: 3849 950, Fax: 3849 951
32 rooms, US$ 9-15

Hoang Long Hotel

2454 Hung Vuong Blv. 
Tel: 3952 410, Fax: 3952 413 
31 rooms, US$ 10-15

Hong Ngoc 2 Hotel

938 Hung Vuong Blv. 
Tel: 3862 023, Fax: 3862 027 
100 rooms, US$10-25

Hong Ngoc Hotel

1482 Hung Vuong Blv. 
Tel: 3844 513, Fax: 3844 512 
50 rooms, US$15-50

Phuong Nam Hotel

1498 Hung Vuong Blv. 
Tel: 3845 125, Fax: 3845 727 
39 rooms US$10-18

Song Lo Hotel

Tran Phu St.
Tel: 3846 318, Fax: 3846 245 
30 rooms, US$ 10-20

In others

Bai Bang Hotel

Phong Chau Town, Phu Ninh Dist.
Tel: 3829 351, Fax: 3829 666 
22 rooms, US$10-60

BaPaCo Hotel

Phong Chau Town, Phu Ninh Dist. 
Tel: 3829 023, Fax: 3829 951
33 rooms, US$10-14

Song Vang Hotel

Thanh Son Town, Thanh Son Dist. 
Tel: 3873 387
16 rooms, US$ 7-10


Coi Nguon Restaurant

Hy Cuong Commune, Viet Tri City 
Tel: 3970 324

Dai Phu Gia Restaurant

Van Phu Commune, Viet Tri City 
Tel: 3954 343 

Hac Tri Fish Restaurant

Tien Cat Ward, Viet Tri City 
Tel: 3845 939

Khiem Thao Vien Restaurant

Bach Dang St., Viet Tri City
Tel: 3821 329
Dishes made of chicken

Phien Hoan Restaurant

By Thao River, Tien Cat Ward, Viet Tri City 
Tel: 3846 013 
Dishes made offish 

Phu Nam Restaurant

Van Phu Commune, Viet Tri City
Tel: 3955 155

Tinh Tam Restaurant

Tien Cat Ward, Viet Tri City 
Tel: 3840 846 

Xuan Tham Restaurant

Hong Ha St., Tien Cat Ward, Viet Tri City 
Tel: 3848 415


Center Market

Hung Vuong Ave, Tien Cat Ward, Viet Tri City

Gat Market

Hung Vuong Ave, Tho Son Ward, Viet Tri City

Hung Vuong Supermarket

Hung Vuong Ave, Gia Cam Ward, Viet Tri City

Phu Cuong Supermarket

Hung Vuong Ave, Nong Trang Ward, Viet Tri City

Prime Supermarket

Hung Vuong Ave, Nong Trang Ward, Viet Tri City


Movie Publisher and Cinema Center

Hoa Phong St., Nong Trang Ward, ViotTri City

Provincial Museum

Tran Phu St., Gia Cam Ward, Viet Tri City

Thanh Thuy Health Resort

La Phu Commune, Thanh Thuy Dist. 
Tel: 3877 473
Services of mineral water with swimming pool, mud-bath, spa-bath

Post Office

1468 Hung Vuong Blv., Viet Tri Cily 
Tel: 3846 356/ 3846 008

Medical Services

General Hospital

Nguyen Tat Thanh St., Viet Tri City 
Tel: 3846 519



1674 Hung Vuong Blv, Viet Tri City 
Tel: 3846 850


1167 Hung Vuong Blv, Viet Tri City 
Tel: 3846 582


1514 Hung Vuong Blv, Viet Tri City 
Tel: 3846 316

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