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Vinh Phuc Province

Capital: Vinh Yen City
Ethnic groups: Viet (Kinh), San Diu, San Chay, Tay
Highlights: Tarn Dao, Huong Canh Pottery, Binh Son Tower

Tourist Attractions

Tam Dao Tourist Site

Tam Dao is an ideal summer tourist site in the North, located 900m above sea-level, approx- imately 86km from Ha Noi. 
Tam Dao Mountains are 80km long, 10-15km wide. At the early the 20th century (1904-1906), it was transformed into a tourist site with comprises villas, hotels, restaurants, sport fields, swimming pools, and dancing halls by the French. 
Tam Dao range has three peaks: Ban Thach with 1,388m high, Thien Nhi with 1,375m high and Phu Nghia with 1,400m high which emerge like three islets. The weather is cool all year round with an average temperature of 20 to 22°C and it may changes four seasons in a day. During the hottest days, the temperature reaches 27°C (80.6°F). Long ago Tam Dao was a tourist attraction. 
Nowadays, Tam Dao becomes tourist site with an area of 235 ha. It is a wonderful destination with fresh, pure and cooling air, beautiful scenery. Many hotels, guesthouses and restaurants are ready to serve tourists. 
It is worth to visit when tourists take a walk on zigzagging mountain path to sightsee the landscape of mountain and forest in this place. Other places that should be listed in tourists' itinerary are Bac (Silver) Waterfall, Mother Goddess Temple, Phu Nghia Peak.
Tam Dao is a tourist attraction frequented by thousands of visitors in summer. Get there by car or motorbike.

Tam Dao National Park

The Tam Dao National Park can be reached if you follow National Road 2 to Vinh Yen City where you should turn right into National Road 2B and go head about 13km. The centre of this natural park is located in Ho Son Commune, Tam Dao District, 70km northwest of Ha Noi.
Located on the Tam Dao mountain range, the park covers an area of 36,883 ha. Tam Dao is in a vast high mountainous region affected by tropical humid monsoons. The average temperature during the year is 22.90C. The mean humidity is about 84%. The vegetation cover is representative of five types of tropical forest. The flora consists of 904 species classified into 478 genera and 213 families of high plants, 64 of which are listed in Viet Nam's Red Book. The rich fauna includes 307 species, 56 of which are registered in Viet Nam's Red Book (22 mammal species, 17 reptile species, 9 bird species, 7 amphibian species and the remainder of insects).
It is unforgettable address during your journey to Tam Dao Tourist Site.

Tay Thien Site

Located 10km from Tarn Dao Tourist Site, the Tay Thien complex boasts numerous temples, including Chan Suoi, Dau, Ca, Thong, Co, Cau, and Dong Co that contains two valuable bronze statues. 
Tay Thien Temple is located on a 600 metre-high mountain in Dai Dinh Commune, Tam Dao District. It is dedicated to goddess Nang Thi Tieu. According to legend, she was one of the seven fairies Jade Emperor sent to the earth to treat diseases to save human beings. She married Lang Lieu, son of the sixth Hung King and was conferred the title of Quoc Mau Tay Thien (Mother of the country). 
In addition to religious structures, Tay Thien has beautiful landscapes with forests, streams, waterfalls, and grottoes. 
This complex was recognized as the cultural and historical site in 1991.

Truc Lam Tay Thien Zen Monastery

Truc Lam Tay Thien Zen Monastery is considered to be one of the most impressive and peaceful monasteries in Viet Nam. This Zen sanctuary is located in Dai Dinh Commune, Tam Dao District, on Tay Thien Mountain, which belongs to the Tam Dao Mountain Range.
Built in 2005 on the ruins of an ancient pagoda named Thien An, and using remains of that ancient pagoda's floor, Truc Lam Tay Thien Zen Monastery sits majestically on the apex of the mountain, where from below the red tips of its tile-covered roof can be seen peaking through the pine trees. Truc Lam Tay Thien Zen Monastery was officially inaugurated on November 27, 2005. It is very ornate, from carved pictures on the doors to embossed works on the wall, ceiling, and pillars, every detail was considered. 
In addition to the monastery there are supporting buildings constructed in the ancient architectural style that house a library, a museum, a meditation house for monks and the Tam To Truc Lam Temple. 
Walking around the buildings, you can almost taste the tranquillity and calm that's in the air. Truc Lam Zen Monastery along with the Tam Dao Tourist Site will help create a place renowned for its scenic beauty.

Binh Son Tower

Binh Son Tower is situated near Vinh Khanh Pagoda and belongs to Tam Son Village in Lap Thach District. 
Erected during the Ly-Tran dynasties, the 16m tower has 11 floors, each with a curved roof. It was built from terra-cotta baked at a high temperature. The foundations are made of vo bricks (bricks made with a mallet), whereas the exterior surface of the tower is built of dark red bricks decorated with very fine lines. The result is a harmonious architectural complex. 
Through many centuries, the tower has been leaning and its foundations have collapsed in several locations. In 1972, the foundations were rebuilt in concrete, 4m higher but still faithful to the original architectural style.

Dai Lai Lake

An artificially created lake, Dai Lai is situated at the foot of Tam Dao Mountain in Phuc Yen Town, 40km from Ha Noi. 
The lake covers 525 hectares. Over the lake lies a 3-hectare island, and the highest point of the island is more than 23m, which is home to different kinds of birds. To the west and southwest of the lake stands Than Lan Mountain. Atop the mountain, one can get a panoramic view of the lake. Many enchanting artificial beaches line along the clear and blue water, under the foot of different hills. 
Dai Lai is considered as site for holiday because it is blessed with a favourable climate, cool summers and warm winters. Fascinating extras comprise natural landscapes of stunning beauty. In its vicinity, the Ngoc Thanh Forest covers 500 ha of natural forests and 300 ha of newly grown ones, sheltering a diversified flora and fauna. The alluring Dai Lai is attracting more and more holiday-makers.

Huong Canh Pottery Village

"Who will come and buy Huong Canh jars?" These words of a popular traditional song have been passed from generation to generation, clearly displaying the vitality of the cS Huong Canh Pottery Village.
In the past, Huong Canh Village specialized in the production of glazed terra-cotta products for daily activities, such as big jars for holding water or kettles for boiling water and for distilling medicinal herb extracts. In addition to the traditional products, some tiles, "antique" jars and other beautiful high quality products are produced in Huong Canh. Unlike the enamelled pottery from Bat Trang, Huong Canh's products are unbleached. 
Huong Canh's traditional work helps local people to have secure jobs and fairly good incomes. Huong Canh is located in Binh Xuyen District, approximately 52km from Ha Noi.


Ha Loi Festival

6th day of the 1st lunar month 
Ha Loi Festival takes place at Ha Loi Temple to commemorate the bravery of the two Trung Sisters, as well as that of Thi Sach, the husband of Trung Trac (one of the two sisters).
Glutinous rice dumplings are put on altars as offerings and traditional games, such as human chess, are played. The main element of this festival is the collective chair procession.

Tourist Information

IDD code: 84-211


Following National Highway 2, Vinh Yen City is 63km from Ha Noi, and very close to Noi Bai International Airport. Vinh Yen Railway Station Dong Da Ward, Vinh Yen City Tel: 3861 908

Vinh Yen Bus Station

Khai Quang Ward, Vinh Yen City 
Tel: 3842 539

Tourism Division (dcst)

2 Hai Ba Trung St., Vinh Yen City 
Tel: 3862 505
Fax: 3847 773

Tourism Promotion Centre

16 Hai Ba Trung St., Vinh Yen City 
Tel: 6290 214

Tour Operator 

Au Viet Travel

27 Tran Phu St., Vinh Yen City
Tel: 3720 497
Fax: 3862 034

Vinh Phuc Tourism & Import Export Jsc.

69 Ly Bon St., Vinh Yen City 
Tel: 3861 132
Fax: 3862 008


Hung Hai Hotel

Zone A, Dai Lai Lake, Phuc Yen Town 
Tel: 3856 012
Fax: 385 6014 
60 rooms, US$15-22

Ngoc Lan Hotel

Lien Bao Ward, Vinh Yen City 
Tel: 3861 470
Fax: 3844 677 
20 rooms, US$7-13

Song Hong Hotel

189 Lam Son St., Vinh Yen City 
Tel: 625 9999
Fax: 625 8888 
100 rooms, US$28-40

Vinh Yen Hotel

69 Ly Bon St., Vinh Yen City 
Tel: 3861 132
Fax: 3862 008 
60 rooms, US$12-20

In Tam Dao Town

Anh Dao Hotel

Tel: 3824 309, Fax: 3824 309 
15 rooms, US$10-13

Cay Thong Hotel

Tel: 3824 271
Fax: 3824 256 
40 rooms, US$ 13-18

Hoa Hong Hotel

Tel: 3824 263
Fax: 3824 290 
50 rooms, US$13-30

Huong Rung Hotel

Tel: 3824 333
Fax: 3824 193
70 rooms, US$20-30

Huong Son Hotel

Tel: 3824 258
16 rooms, US$ 9-20

Mela Hotel

Tel: 3824 321
Fax: 3824 352
25 rooms, US$ 40-100


Dam Vac Restaurant

Ly Bon St., Vinh Yen City 
Tel: 3860 781 
Dishes made of fish

Hung Hai Restaurant

Dai Lai Lake, Phuc Yen Town 
Tel: 3856 012

Lien Vuong Restaurant

Huong Canh Townlet, Binh Xuyen Dist. 
Tel: 3887 647 

Ngoc Ha Restaurant

National Highway 2A, Phuc Thang Ward Phuc Yen Town 
Tel: 3875 677 
Vietnamese food 

Song Hong Restaurant

Lam Son St., Vinh Yen City 
Tel: 3846 627

Thai An Restaurant

Kim Ngoc St., Vinh Yen City


Dai Lai Star Goif & Country Club (18 holes)

Ngoc Thanh, Phuc Yen Town
Tel: 3512 001

Ha Noi Office:

Unit 6, Floor 6, International Center, 
17 Ngo Quyen St., Hoan Kiem Dist.
Tel: (04) 3939 3100
Fax: (04) 3939 3103

Dam Vac Golf & Country Club (18 holes)

Dinh Am St., Khai Quang Ward, Vinh Yen City 
Tel: 3846 301
Fax: 3846 301

Ha Noi Office:

Room A21-22,3rd Floor, Horizon Hotel, 40 Cat Linh St.
Tel: (04) 3736 7440, Fax: (04)3736 7442

Tam Dao Golf and Resort (18 holes)

Hop Chau Commune, Tam Dao Dist. 
Tel: 3896 554
Fax: 3537

141 Ha Noi Office:

Room 401,4th Floor, Ha Thanh Plaza, 102 Thai Thinh St., Ba Dinh Dist.
Tel: (04) 3715 2361; Fax: (04) 3715 2360

Post Office

2 Ngo Quyen St., Vinh Yen City 
Tel: 3860 604

Medical Services

General Hospital

Ba Trieu St., Vinh Yen City 
Tel: 3843 102



Tran Hung Dao St, Phuc Yen Town 
Tel: 3868 266, Fax: 3869 359


8 Kim Ngoc St, Vinh Yen City 
Tel: 3862 684


10 Kim Ngoc St, Vinh Yen City 
Tel: 3720 931
Fax: 3720 921


4 Ngo Quyen St, Vinh Yen City 
Tel: 3862 760

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