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Ba Ria Vung Tau Province

Ethnic groups: Viet (Kinh), Hoa, Cho Ro, Khmer 
Highlights: Vung Tau beaches, Long Hai Beach, Binh Chau Hot Spring, Con Dao Island and National ParkBa Ria-Vung Tau is 116km from Ho Chi Minh City, just below Dong Nai Province and next to the East Sea. Its terrain includes mountains, hills, beaches, plains and sand dunes stretching along a 100km of coastline. The climate is divided into two main seasons. The rainy season from April to October, and the dry season from November to March. The average annual temperature is a balmy 27°C (80.6°F). Due to the har-Sj monious combination of the sea, mountains and beaches, this Is a grout tourist area. The frlondly town of Vung Tau (known as Cap Saint-Jacques during the French colonial period) attracts many people from Ho Chi Minh City, who come here to spend the weekend or some holiday. Just off the coast is the Con Lon Archipelago, including Con Dao Island, which is endowed with a national forest, beautiful beaches and rare and precious sea products. This area is also well known for its industrial petroleum and gas development. The handicraft products are also developing a name for the province, with ornaments made of snail shells, coral and turtle shells. Popular festivals also characterise this ani-muled and lively sea area.

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Tourist Attractions

Giant Jesus Statue This enormous 32m figure of Jesus gazing across the East Sea with outstretched arms is located at the southern end of Nho Mountain (Small Mountain). Built in 1972 and was completed in 1994, this Giant Jesus rests on a 10m-high platform. The interior of the statue is hollow and contains a spiral staircase of 133 steps, ascending from the foot of the statue to its neck. The two shoulders of the figure arebalconies, each able to accommodate up to six people, which offer a splendid view of the surrounding landscape.

Bach Dinh (White Villa)

The construction of Bach Dinh started in 1898, and was completed in 1916. It was done according to late 19th century French influence, and its facade is decorated with ancient Greek designs. Located on Large Mountain, Bach Dinh was used as a rest house for French Governor Paul Doumer.

Vung Tau Lighthouse

Vung Tau Lighthouse was built in 1907, at an altitude of 170m, on the peak of Small Mountain. The lighthouse can project light as far as 35 miles and contains a telescope to observe and direct boats and ships. From the lighthouse, one can enjoy a view of Vung Tau as far as Can Gio Port and Ba Ria.

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Temples And Pagoda

Quan The Am Bo Tat Pagoda (Avalokitecvara Pagoda)

Quan The Am Bo Tat Pagoda was built in 1976, near Large Mountain, 500m from Mulberry Beach (Bai Dau). In the middle of this small pagoda, there is a white statue of Avalokitecvara standing on a lotus-shaped platform. The statue is made of reinforced concrete in the shape of a woman looking towards the sea and holding a holy water urn in her hands.

Linh Son Co Tu (Linh Son Pagoda)

Linh Son Pagoda, which is a small pagoda on Hoang Hoa Tham Street, is the oldest pagoda in Vung Tau. In the main sanctuary, there is a Statue of Buddha made of stone and gilded with gold. The statue is cleverly sculpted such that it portrays the lively benevolence of Buddha.

Thich Ca Phat Dai (Sakyamuni Pagoda)

Thich Ca Phat Dai is a large pagoda that is located at 25 Tran Phu Street in Vung Tau, 3km from the city centre. This pagoda was built in 1961 and was completed in 1963, on a 6ha area on the eastern slope of Large Mountain. The beauty of the pagoda resides in the union of the religious architecture with the landscape. The 19m Bat Giac Tower (Octagonal Tower) and the Sakyamuni Statue are not to be missed. Both shining of a sparkling white, there were erected half-way up the mountain slope. The pagoda is open from 6am to 6pm.

Niet Ban Tinh Xa Pagoda

Construction of Niet Ban Tinh Xa started in 1009 and wns completed in 1974. The pagoda faces the sea son on the western side of Small (Nho) Mountain nnd houses a giant statue of a reclining Buddha made of reinforced concrete and covered with marble (from the Marble Mountains in Da Nang). Niet Ban Tinh Xa is famous for its 5,000kg bronze bell.


Back Beach (Thuy Van Beach or Bai Sau)

Located southeast of Vung Tau, Back Beach is a large and beautiful beach. There are many accommodations and services in the area. The complex of hotels on Thuy Van Street has rooms available to suit all budgets. There are also restaurants and parking areas, as well as lifeguards patrolling the beach.

Front Beach (Tam Duong - Bai Truoc)

Front Beach is located in the centre of Vung Tau, along the Quang Trung Str., where stand numerous luxurious hotels: Palace, Rex, Hong River, Huong River, Royal, etc. From Bai Truoc, the new Ha Long St. leads to Pineapple Beach (Bai Dua). Back Beach (Thuy Van Beach) can be reached by following Hoang Hoa Tham St.

Pineapple Beach (Bai Dua)

Pineapple Beach is situated between Front Beach and Back Beach, near Small (Nho) Mountain and Nghinh Phong Cape. There used to be numerous wild pineapples that grew on the rocky shore, which is why the beach is called Pineapple (Dua) Beach. The waves here are small and safe.

Nghinh Phong Beach (O Quan)

Nghinh Phong, meaning "receiving the wind" in Vietnamese, is situated at the extreme south of Vung Tau, near Pineapple Beach. The beach is narrow, the water is transparent with continuous waves and wind, and it is bordered by high rocky cliffs (Nghinh Phong Cape).This is an excellent location for surfing.

Mulberry Beach (Bai Dau)

Mulberry Beach lies at the foot of Big Mountain, 3km from Front Beach. The beach is narrow and its waves are very small. This is a popular beach with those who appreciate its calmness, cleanness, and beauty.

Long Hai Beach

Long Hai Beach runs several kilometres along the Chau Long and Chau Vien Mountains. At a few spots, the mountains seem to merge into the sea creating magnificent stone beaches. Along the coast, there are several kilometres of cherry orchards. During the blossom season, the scenery is fantastic. This beach is a favourite for many people who find it quieter than those in Vung Tau. Long Hai Beach is comparable in beauty with those in Nha Trang. It will soon become a vacation resort offering activities such as swimming, surfing, boating, hiking and mountain climbing. A new resort was built, called Anoasis Beach Resort. It is considered the best resort in Southern Viet Nam. It is located 2km from small town of Long Hai. Long Hai Beach is 120km south of Ho Chi Minh City, 40km northeast of Vung Tau City, 15km southeast of Ba Ria Town.

Lady Islet (Hon Ba)

Hon Ba is located approximately 200m from Smflll Mountain. When the tide is low, it is possible to walk to this tiny island. On the 1st and 15th of each lunar month, people go to lliti Monti und burn Incense for luck. Hon Ba In n lovely scenic spot in Vung Tau.

Around Vung Tau City

Dinh Mountain Historical Area

In the early 19th century, this area consisted of primitive forests with rich flora and several kinds of precious wood. Due to its difficult and hazardous terrain, Dinh Mountain was a safe base for several political and military units during the French and American resistance wars. 
Day Bi Cave: Day Bi Cave was the base where leading political and military units of Chau Due District hid during wartime. 
To Cave: Situated at 200m above sea level, To Cave is linked to a deep network of grottoes. During the resistance period, the cave was used as a site for cadres and militants, as well as a food warehouse. 
Mai Cave: Mai Cave is a beautiful site situated at a height of 234m, over a large valley with two small streams running through it. By 1968, the base, as well as many of the pagodas in the area, had been bombed and destroyed. At one point, the enemy positioned troops close to the opening of the cave and crashed it down.
Lung Small Valley: This small valley used to be a remote resistance base, hidden in an area where edible plants grew in abundance. Old trees of all kinds also grew on the slopes. Cadres and militants lived in underground shelters to ward off bombings. This was also the training base for the resistance forces of Ba Ria and Saigon's Youth League. 
Dieu Linh Pagoda: Perched at a height of 160m, this pagoda was the shelter for the leading agents of Ba Ria, but it was destroyed by bombings. 
Bat Cave: Situated at a height of 50m, Bat Caye was another base of leading and commanding agents of Ba Ria's forces during both long resistance wars. This cave has been opened to the general public.

Suoi Tien

To reach Suoi Tien from Vung Tau, follow National Highway 51 north to Ba Ria for 7km. Both Suoi Tien (Fairy Stream) and Suoi Da (Rock Stream) originate in the Dinh Mountain. Dinh Mountain looks like a huge elephant prostrated toward the sea. On both banks of the small stream are many cliffs covered with moss and lichen. Several diverse shaped boulders emerge. The sinuous trail next to Suoi Da leads to the quiet Suoi Tien. According to legend, fairies would come here to bathe before returning to Heaven. The trace of a very delicate foot print, in a rock on a peak of Dinh Mountain, may have initiated this legend. The trail also passes by the small pagodas in the area.

Dinh Co Temple

According to legend, Dinh Co Temple was built in the late 18th century and dedicated to the virgin Le Thi Hong who died in the sea. Her body was carried by the waves, and drifted ashore on Hang Island, where she was buried by villagers on a hillock on the coast. Because her spirit kept appearing to the local people to predict events and cure them of diseases, the villagers set up a shrine in her honour. At first, the Dinh Co was only a small shrine located near the shore. By 1930, villagers had collected funds and constructed a larger temple. Today, Dinh Co is a vast, splendid, and solemn temple. The inside is decorated with statues of the four sacred animals. Sixty steps lead to the entrance of Dinh Co Grave, located 1 km from the temple on Co Son Hill. Dinh Co Festival is celebrated on the anniversary of the death of Le Thi Hong, from the 10th to the 12th 0f the 2rd lunar month. As a result of its beautiful natural landscapes of mountains, forest, sea, and beach, along with its exceptional architecture and inner design, Dinh Co has been listed as a National Heritage Site.

Binh Chau - Ho Coc Tourism Zone

Located in Bung Rieng Commune, Xuyen Moc District, the Binh Chau-Ho Coc Tourism Zone has a very beautiful natural landscape: Bang Spring, hot-water mineral streams, Binh Chau Primeval Forest, Ho Coc Beach. From Ho Chi Minh City, crossing about 150km, you will reach the site. Amidst the thick primeval forest, there are 70 open-cast hot-water eruptions, forming a system of mineral streams and lakes (37°-82°C). The water course in this forest of fragrant cajeput trees is of siliceous mineral with a high content of nitrogen, sulphur, natrium, chlorine, very good to treat many diseases. A convalescence complex built here has many quarters with hot-water bathing, mineral mud-bathing and open wells. All streams, lakes and swimming pools are sheltered in the quiet forest. Besides, there are also amusement and sports quarters, such as golf courses, volleyball, swimming pools, Moon Garden with a stage of 1,000 seats. Many buildings are made of natural materials (bamboo, timber). Night-hunting is organized in the semi-natural forest. Next to the Binh Chau primeval forest is Ho Coc Beach with a long sloping sandy ground. The Binh Chau Mineral Spring has been recognized by the World most sustainable ecological site

Con Dao Island & National Park

Offshore of Vung Tau, in the East Sea, Con Dao Island is sadly famous because it used to host a convict prison during the French colonial era, and later, during the American War. Fortunately, nowadays Con Dao Island owes its reputation to Con Dao National Park, comprised of precious and rare marine products, turtles, etc. The imposing mountains and forests of Con Dao are unforgettable, and so are its unspoiled and pristine beaches. Con Dao National Park has an area of 15,043ha, including 9,000ha marine and 6,043ha forest. It is founded on March 31, 1993 in Con Dao District, 180km from Vung Tau City. The Park's terrain is primarily hills and mountains. The highest peak, 557m, is called Thanh Mount and the other peaks are 150-300m high. The weather is characterized by tropical monsoons with direct influence from oceanic climate; the average temperature during the year is 26°C the mean humidity: 90%. The ecosystem is classified as island tropical forest and is divi-ded into two main types of woods. The flora includes 882 high-class plant species (562 genera, 161 families). A few plant species are considered rare and precious including lat hoa, gang neo, gang long, etc. Con Dao has 144 species, 14 of which are in the group of precious rare animals. In comparison with other natural parks, Con Dao has a land vertebrate fauna of global significance. The sea at Con Dao contains three primary ecosystems: mangrove forest, marine grass cover, and coral reefs. Marine species are quite numerous with 1,321 species, 37 of which are listed in Viet Nam's Red Book. Scientists also find there a few rare fishes such as the blue whale, and dugong. Especially sea turtles are large in quantity. The Con Dao National Park's marine environment and forest resources are in rather good conditions. Its bio-diversity is highly potential and the natural landscape is well preserved. The Park is also famous among Vietnamese for its fine and unspoiled beaches, coral reefs and rare and strange marine species. Visitors are offered a wide range of tours, from eco-tourism to adventurous tours (climbing, going fishing, diving, trekking, riding bicycles, sight-seeing-cum-research).

An Son Temple

An Son is an ancient temple located on Con Son Island. It was built in 1785, in honour of Lady Phi Yen, wife of Lord Nguyen Anh who later became King Gia Long. In 1783, Nguyen Anh was defeated by Tay Son troops. Nguyen Anh sent Prince Canh, followed by Ba Da Loc, to France to ask for reinforcements to fight against the Tay Son troops. Lady Phi Yen, the second wife of Nguyen Anh, advised him not to do so. Nguyen Anh got angry with her because he thought that his wife might have been dealing with the Tay Son troops. So just before the Tay Son troops attacked the island and Nguyen Anh went to sea, he put his wife in prison. Prince Cai, who was four years old at the time, wanted his mother to come with them. So, Nguyen Anh got angry and threw his son into the sea. The body of Prince Cai drifted to Co Ong Beach and was buried by the villagers. According to the legend, Lady Phi Yen was rescued from the stone prison by a tiger and an ape. She lived with the villagers taking care of Prince Cai's grave. After an unfortunate encounter with a man, she killed herself to maintain her pride. The villagers mourned her lost and built a temple in her honour. In 1861, French colonialists occupied the island and destroyed the temple. After, in 1958, it was rebuilt at its present location.


Thang Tam Festival

17th - 20th days of the 2nd lunar month. Thang Tam Communal House is dedicated to the three Genies who founded the three Thang villages in Vung Tau. The festival marks the end of one fishing season and the beginning of the next. The ceremony consists of praying, making offerings to the three Genies and burning incense. It is followed by various forms of entertainment and games, such as the lion dance and classical drama. This festival is a typical activity of fishermen, and it is deeply influenced by folk culture.

Dinh Co Festival

10th-12th days of the 12th lunar month. Every year, the Dinh Co Festival is solemnly celebrated by Long Hai fishermen according to traditional rituals. Village notables dressed in formal apparel conduct the ceremony to w pray for favourable weather, wealth and peace. The festival generally attracts tens of thousands of pilgrims who come to pray and to enjoy the scenery.

Tourist Information

IDD code: 84 - 64


Vung Tau City is 116km from Ho Chi Minh City, 180km from Con Dao Island. Long Hai Beach (Long Dien District) is 40km northeast of Vung Tau City.


Vung Tau's Bus Station

192ANam Ky Khoi Nghia St. 
Tel: 3859 727 
Express buses leave for Ba Ria, Long Hai, Bien Hoa, Ho Chi Minh City, Long Khanh, My Tho, and Tay Ninh.


In Vung Tau, you can board the hydrofoil at Cau Da pier (120 Ha Long St., Vung Tau City) for Ho Chi Minh City. 
Vina Express (Tel: 3856 530). It takes about 1:20 hours and costs VND180.000 one way.
Greenlines (Tel: 3810 202). It takes about 1:20 hours and costs VND200.000 one way. Boat to Con Dao Island: Vietnamese navy operates trips from Vung Tau to Con Dao (it takes 12-14 hours) by Con Dao 09 and Con Dao 10 ships. Booking office: 1007/36, 30 Thang 4 St., Ward 11, Vung Tau City, Tel: 3838 684 (in Vung Tau), 3830 619 (in Con Dao)


Mai Linh Taxi Tel: 3565 656
Petro Taxi Tel: 3851 851
Ba Ria Taxi Tel: 3827 474
GILI Taxi Tel: 3858 585

Tourism Division (dcst)

126 Vo Thi Sau St., Vung Tau City 
Tel: 3522 339, Fax: 3858 077

Tourist Information Centre

17 B2 Dao Duy Tu St., Vung Tau City
Tel: 3859 367, Fax: 3523 678

In Vung Tau City

Tour Operator 

Agribank Tour

57-59 Thuy Van St. 
Tel: 3852 177, Fax: 3853 177

Ba Ria - Vung Tau Tourist Corp

207 Vo Thi Sau St.
Tel:3866 445, Fax: 3856 444

DIC Tourist and Trading Jsc.

169 Thuy Van St. 
Tel: 3859 519, Fax: 3818 026

The National oil services Co. of Vietnam

2 Le Loi St., Ward 1 
Tel: 3852 603, Fax: 3852 834

Vung Tau Intourco

662 Truong Cong Dinh St. 
Tel: 3852 385, Fax: 3859 860


Sao Dam Hang Hai Hotel

70 Ha Long St. 
Tel: 3856 357, Fax: 3856360 
27 rooms, US$18-30

Binh An Village

1 Tran Phu St.
Tel: 3510 016, Fax: 3810 264 
9 rooms, US$100-250

Cao Su Hotel

108 Vo Thi Sau St. 
Tel: 3852 746, Fax: 3858 677 
64 rooms, US$18-23

CapSaint Jacques Hotel

169 Thuy Van St. 
Tel: 3859 519, Fax: 3818 026 
133 rooms, US$67-138

DIC Star Hotel

169B Thuy Van St., 
Tel: 3585 537, Fax: 3585 542 
90 rooms, US$72-143

Dien Luc Hotel

147 Phan Chu Trinh St. 
Tel: 3852 837, Fax: 3854 840 
80 rooms, US$18-30

Doi Dua (Vinafood) Hotel

300 Phan Chu Trinh St. 
Tel: 3852 646, Fax: 3522 150
52 rooms, US$16-49

Grand Hotel

2 Nguyen Du St.
Tel: 3856 787, Fax: 3856 088 
80 rooms, US$75-165

Hai Au Hotel

124 Ha Long St. 
Tel: 3856 278, Fax: 3856 868 
61 rooms, US$13-41

Hai Yen Hotel

8 Le Loi St., 
Tel: 3852 571, Fax: 3852 858 
24 rooms, US$15-23

Hien Hoa1&2 Hotel

3-6 Phan Van Tri St. 
Tel: 3522 364, Fax: 3576 373 
46 rooms, US$8-26

Hoa Hong Hotel

1 Nguyen Chi Thanh St.
Tel: 3852 633, Fax: 3859 262 
20 rooms, US$11-26

Hoa Phuong Do Hotel

261 Le Hong Phong St. 
Tel: 3859 921, Fax: 3818 096 
80 rooms, US$18-38

Hon Ngoc Vien Dong Hotel

205A Le Hong Phong St. 
Tel: 3858 872, Fax: 3859 838 
66 rooms, US$9-26

Huong Phong Guest House

10-20 Ha Long St. 
Tel: 3856 281, Fax: 3526550 
66 rooms, US$21-38

Huong Sen Hotel

Le Hong Phong St. 
Tel: 3858 322, Fax: 3523 856 
40 rooms, US$13-23

The Imperial Hotel Vung Tau

159 ThuyVan St. 
Tel: 362 8888, Fax: 356 1111 
144 rooms, US$250-1800

Kim Cuong Hotel

10 Tran Nguyen Han St., 
Tel: 3859 233 
33 rooms, US$10-15

Lan Rung Hotel

2 Tran Hung Dao St.
Tel: 3810 707, Fax: 3531 524 
12 rooms, US$20-30

Lan Rung Resort

3-6 Ha Long St. 
Tel: 3526 010, Fax: 3526 009 
78 rooms, US$65-220

Medicoast Hotel

165 ThuyVan St. 
Tel: 3521616, Fax: 3852395 
144 rooms, US$20-25

My Le Hotel

57-59 Thuy Van St., Ward 2 
Tel: 3852 177, Fax: 3853 177 
83 rooms, US$59-159

Ocean Park Resort

8 Thuy Van St. 
Tel: 3816 318, Fax: 3526 365 
27 rooms, US$36-46

Pacific Hotel

4 Le Loi St.
Tel: 3859 577, Fax: 3852 391
48 rooms, US$18-20

Palace Hotel

1 Nguyen Trai St. 
Tel: 3856 265, Fax: 3856 878 
112 rooms, US$80-170++ 

Petro House Hotel

63 Tran Hung Dao St.
Tel: 3852 014, Fax: 3852 015
49 rooms, US$55-120

Phuong Dong Hotel

2 Nguyen Chi Thanh St.
Tel: 3852 593, Fax: 38593336 
53 rooms, US$18-36

Phuong Nam Hotel

141 Phan Chu Trinh St.
Tel: 3852512, Fax: 3859337 
75 rooms, US$15-23

Rex Hotel

1 Le Quy Don St. 
Tel: 3852 135 , Fax: 3859 862 
77 rooms, US$40-105

Royal Hotel

36 Quang Trung St. 
Tel: 3852 321, Fax: 3859 851
50 rooms, US$55-100

Saigon 85 Hotel

85 Thuy Van St.
Tel: 3852 317, Fax: 3854 224
120 rooms, US$18-22

Sammy Hotel

157 Thuy Van St. 
Tel: 3854 755, Fax: 3854 762 
119 rooms, US$50-168

Sea View Residence

36 Ha Long St.
Tel: 3511 156, Fax: 3511 159
32 rooms, US$1000-4000 
per month

Son Thinh 1 Hotel

153 Phan ChuTrinh St. 
Tel: 3523 492, Fax: 3594 444 
34 rooms, US$18-23

Son Thinh 2 Hotel

19 Thuy Van St. 
Tel: 3859 288, Fax: 3594 444 
53 rooms, US$15

Son Thinh 4 Hotel

258 Truong Cong Dinh St. 
Tel: 3530 751, Fax: 3594 444 
45 rooms, US$15-18

Son Thinh 5 Hotel

249 Le Hong Phong St. 
Tel: 3856 551, Fax: 3594 444 
74 rooms, US$9-18

Song Hong Hotel

3 Hoang Dieu St.
Tel: 3852 590, Fax: 3852 452
39 rooms, US$34-49

Song Huong Hotel

9 Truong Vinh Ky St. 
Tel: 3852 491, Fax: 3853 712
33 rooms, US$25-53

Thang Muoi Hotel

151 Thuy Van St.
Fax: 3859 876

Thuy Duong Hotel

4 Thuy Van St.
Tel: 3852 635, Fax: 3852 807
40 rooms, US$20-50

Thuy Van Hotel

115 Thuy Van St.
Tel: 3521 002, Fax: 3521 006
54 rooms, US$23-72

Trade Union Hotel

4 Tran Hung Dao St. 
Tel: 3530 666, Fax: 3850 270
59 rooms, US$17-25

Tri Ky Hotel

180 Hoang Hoa Tham St. 
Tel: 3859 198,17 rooms, US$9-20

Truong An Hotel

22 La Van Cau St.
Tel: 3852 362, Fax: 3524882
30 rooms, US$13-30

Truong Son Resident

3 Phan Dinh Phung St.
Tel: 3859 864, 7 rooms, US$65-95

Tuyet Nhi Hotel

91 Thuy Van St.
Tel: 3523 388, 37 rooms, US$18-75

VTT Hotel

29 Tran Hung Dao St.
Tel: 3511 879, Fax: 3512 843 
26 rooms, US$18-23

Vung Tau P&T Hotel

158 Ha Long St.
Tel: 3511 511, Fax: 3511 001
72 rooms, US$35-89

Vung Tau Paradise Hotel

1 Thuy Van St.
Tel: 3586 586, Fax: 3582 772 
36 rooms, US$40-250

Vung Tau Paradise Resort

1 Thuy Van St.
Tel: 3811 559, Fax: 3582 772
60 rooms, US$45-75

Vung Tau Victory Hotel

149 ThuyVan St.
Tel: 3523 060, Fax: 3523 059
51 rooms, US$23-50

Vungtau Intourco Resort

1A ThuyVan St.
Tel: 3585 325, Fax: 3585 327
37 rooms, US$23-43


Ao Sen

221 Vo Thi Sau St.
Tel: 3527 345, Fax: 3527 345

Con So Vang Restaurant

8 Thuy Van St.
Tel: 3522 025, Fax: 3816 893 
Sea food

Cung Dinh Tea

456 Nguyen An Ninh St. 
Tel: 3582 959, Fax: 3582 959

Good Morning Vietnam

6 Hoang Hoa Tham St., 
Tel: 3524 255

Huu Nghi

36A Nguyen Thai Hoc St. 
Tel: 385 2017, Fax: 3572 729

Monte Carlo Restaurant

63 Tran Hung Dao St. 
Tel: 3852 014, Fax: 3852 015

Nha la Com nieu

458 Nguyen An Ninh St., 
Tel: 3582 479

Vuon Bang

4 Yersin St.
Tel: 385 4191, Fax: 3570 607

Vy Da

57A Dinh Tien Hoang St., 
Tel: 3521 968, Fax: 3521 967



24 Truong Cong Dinh St.,
Tel: 3532 345

Cafe O Cap 1

90A Ha Long St., 
Tel: 3511 803

Cafe 0 Cap 2

78 Ha Long St., 
Tel: 3510 154


15 Nguyen Trai St., 
Tel: 3856 028


Ba Ria-Vung Tau General Museum

4 Tran Phu St.
Tel: 3852 421, Fax: 3810 124

Vung Tau Paradise joint-venture company

1 Thuy Van St.
Tel: 3853 428, Fax: 3585 890


Greyhound Racing

15 Le Loi St.
Tel: 3807 309, Fax: 3807 308

Holywoods Nightclub

4 Ly Tu Trong St., 
Tel: 3856 691

Vung Tau Water Park

1 Thuy Van St.
Tel: 3859 697, Fax: 3859 695


Ben Dinh Market

at the end of Le Loi St.
seafood market

Coopmart Vung Tau

36 Nguyen Thai Hoc St., 
Tel: 3576 200, Fax: 5764 201


Quang Trung St., Le Loi St.

Im-Ex & Process Aquatic Product Co.

460 Truong Cong Dinh St.
Tel: 3580 085, Fax: 3580 085
Dried and frozen fish, shrimp, cuttle of high quality

The Imperial Plaza

159-163 ThuyVan St.

Thuy Duong Lacquer Handicrafts

Trung Nhi St.

Vung Tau Market (Moi Market)

146 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia St

Medical Services

International SOS Viet Nam Clinic

1 Le Ngoc Han St.
Tel: 385 8776, Fax: 385 8779

Le Loi Hospital

22 Le Loi St.
Tel: 3832 667, Fax: 3810 607

Post Office

VNPT Ba Ria Vung Tau

35, 3/2 St., 
Tel: 385 2100, Fax: 385 8999



27 Tran Hung Dao St., 
Tel: 3859 874


10 Trung Trac St., 
Tel: 3852 570

In Long Hai Town, Long Dien Dist.

An Hoa Residence

Road 44, 
Tel: 3663 310, Fax: 3663 311 
6 villa rooms, US$306-1040

Anoasis Beach Resort

Domain Ky Van 
Tel: 3868 227, Fax: 3868 229 
44 bungalows, 4 villas rooms, US$110-800

Dong Nai Trade Union Hotel

Tel: 3868 312, Fax: 3843 202 
39 rooms, US$5-11

Long Hai Beach Resort

Road 44, 
Tel: 3661 353, Fax: 3661 356
110 rooms, US$118-390

Long Hai Hotel

Tel: 3868 010, Fax: 3868 010 
31 rooms, US$10-26

Rang Dong Hotel

Tel: 3868 356, Fax: 3843 556
21 rooms, US$15-35

Xanh Long Hai Hotel

Tel: 3868 337, 5 rooms, US$6-9

In Pat Do Dist.

Thuy Duong Resort

Road 44, Phuoc Hai Town 
Tel: 3886 215, Fax: 3886 180 
113 rooms, US$35-150

In Xuyen Moc Dist.

Ho Tram - Beach Resort

Ho Tram, Phuoc Thuan Commune 
Tel: 3781 525, Fax: 3781 433 
63 rooms, US$133-303

Sai Gon - Binh Chau Eco-tours & Resort

Highway 55, Binh Chau Commune 
Tel: 3871 160, Fax: 3871 130
105 rooms, US$41-205

Sai Gon-Ho Coc Eco Tourist Resort

Highway 55, Bung Rieng Commune 
Tel: 3791 036, Fax: 3878175 
60 rooms, US$50-175

In Con Dao Dist.

Sai Gon Con Dao Resort

18 Ton Due Thang St. 
Tel: 3830 155, Fax: 3830 567
106 rooms, US$64-125

Con Dao Resort

8 Nguyen Due Thuan St. 
Tel: 3830 939, Fax: 3830 949 
47 rooms, US$50-125

Phuong Hanh Restaurant

38C Nguyen Hue St. 
Tel: 3830 180, Fax: 3831 450

In Other

Lesco Resort

Tan Hanh Hamlet, Tan Thanh Dist.
Tel: 3893 823, Fax: 3894 221 
62 rooms, US$28-49


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hotel basin

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