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Binh Duong Province

Capital: Thu Dau Mot Town
Ethnic groups: Viet (Kinh), Hoa, Khmer,Tay 
Highlights: Lac Canh Dai Nam Van Hien Tourist Complex, Thien Hau Pagoda, Lai Thieu Fruit Garden

Tourist Attractions

Lac Canh Dai Nam Van Hien Tourist Complex

The Lac Canh Dai Nam Van Hien Tourist Complex is located in Hiep An Ward, Thu Dau Mot Town, around 35km north of Ho Chi Minh City. Encompassing such structures as temples, mountains, river, lake, hotel, and recreational centre, this complex provides packaged services, entailing tours, restaurant services, accommodation, and exploration of history, culture.

+ Spiritual Area:

Covering a total land area of 61 ha, the spiritual area is a prominent part of the Lac Canh Dai Nam Van Hien Tourist Complex. The area is composed of a 9-ha worship structure established with the aim of highlighting the 4,000-year history and culture as well as quintessence of the Vietnamese nation. The entire Spiritual area is encircled by two green dragons with each having the length of 270m. In the heart of the area is the Dai Nam Van Hien Temple, also called Kim Dien (the Temple of Gold), covering a land area of 5,000m2. It is surrounded by artificial mountain and river - the features added to efforts to create a cluster of facilities deeply imbued with Vietnamese culture. The main hall of the temple houses three statues of Buddha Sakyamuni, King Hung and King-Zen Master Tran Nhan Tong. The right hall worships Patron Saint Tran Hung Dao, Mother Au Co and one hundred family clans. The left hall is dedicated to President Ho Chi Minh, ancestors with an altar dedicated to a village's guardian, the God of Wealth and the God of Soil. Visiting the Dai Nam Temple, tourists can find their family clans and ancestors on the worship board listing 54 ethnic groups and more than 1,000 clans in Viet Nam. The Dai Nam Temple is guarded at its back by Bao Son mountain range encompassing five mountains representing Metal - Wood -Water - Fire -Earth. The central mount is measured at 65.8m in height. Located on top of the central mount of the Bao Son range is the 9-storey Buddhist stupa dedicated to ancestors and predecessors. On the ninth floor of the stupa, tourists can have a panoramic view of the Lac Canh Dai Nam Van Hien Tourist Complex. + Entertainment Area: The area was designed to offer both folk and physically-challenging modern games, including the snow world game - the only model of snow games in Vietnam, the palace of unicorn, the 12 circles of hell, the palace of phoenix, artificial Amazon forest model, and the children's paradise, and others. It also boasts a cinema designed exclusively for the screening of 4D films. Some other main entertainment areas such as Open Safari; Dai Nam artificial sea; Dai Nam Hotel; Dai Nam Shopping Centre. From Ho Chi Minh City, tourists go northward on national highway 13 by motorbike, bus, or taxi to Dai Nam Tourist Complex. They can drop on the Binh Duong Museum and the Minh Long Porcelain Plant No. 2 on way to the site. Tourists can get a bus from Ben Thanh, Cho Lon, or Mien Tay to Dai Nam with the ticket of VND10,000.
+ Entrance ticket to Dai Nam: For adult: VND40,000per person; for children: VND25.000 per person.
Ticket fares differ from different areas and services.

Lady Thien Hau Pagoda

This pagoda is situated at 4 Nguyen Du Road, Thu Dau Mot Town. It was built on Huong Chu Hien Canal, in the middle of the 19th century. In 1880, an additional back house was built and, in 1925, the pagoda was moved to its current location. The Lady Pagoda, also called Thien Hau Cung, is a worshipping site and religious place for Chinese in Viet Nam. Several deities are worshipped inside the pagoda, including Lares, Mon Quan, Saint Mother Thien Hau, the Bon Dau Cong couple (Chinese General) and also Ngu Hanh Nuong Nuong (Five Lady Saints of the five basic elements of Eastern philosophy: Saint Kim (metal), Moc (wood), Thuy (water), Hoa (fire), Tho (earth). Every year on the 15th day of the 1st lunar month, which is the anniversary of the death of Lady Thien Hau, there is a ceremony at the Lady Pagoda. This ceremony attracts many pilgrims from all over the country.Chau Thoi Mountain Pagoda Chau Thoi Mountain Pagoda is situated in Binh An Commune, Di An District. According 6 history of the Nguyen Dynasty, Chau Mountain Pagoda was founded by the Buddhist monk Khanh Long in the 17th century, The present building was constructed in 1954, while the three-entrance gate was built in 1970, In the Main Hall of this famous pagoda of old Gia Dinh, there are three ancient stone Buddha statues. Every year, many visitors come here to visit and worship Buddha. The pagoda is located on Chau Thoi Mountain. It has a quiet solemn aura a beautiful surrounding landscape. 

Lai Thieu Fruit Tree Garden

To reach Lai Thieu Fruit Tree Garden from Ho Chi Minh City, pass the Binh Trieu Bridge, go along National Highway 13 for about 20km.Lai Thieu Fruit Tree Garden belongs to 3 communes: An Son, Hung Dinh, Binh Nham, An Thanh small town, which covers1,230 ha, has been famous for hundreds of year for Its beautiful fruit trees and delicious fruit such as mangosteens, durians... Visitors can enjoy walking amidst the rows of fruit trees, In addition, they can taste the fresh durians, jackfruits, mangosteens and other delicious tropical fruits grown there,It is also possible to go on a cruise along the orchard-lined Sai Gon River.

Tuong Binh Hiep Lacquerware Painting Village

Tuong Binh Hiep is a traditional craft village specializing in lacquer items. Located 7km north of Thu Dau Mot Town, the village has long been famous for its lacquer products. Visiting the village's production workshops,tourists can watch every step of the craft. Hiding on lis scale, a family may undertake one or all the steps of turning out a complete-product. Having hundreds of house-holds engaged in lacquer production, Tuong Binh Hiep Village is considered a factory of separate chains of production, which has the characters of a large traditional family. Many of the village's lacquer items are exported and displayed at domestic and international fairs.


Lady Thien Hau Pagoda Festival

13th - 15th days of the 1st lunar month. Lady Thien Hau Pagoda Festival is celebrated during three days. On the night of the 13th, people from Thu Dau Mot place altars in their front yards in preparation for the Thien Hau procession. On the morning of the 14th, the palanquin procession carrying Madam Thien Hau, and accompanied by unicorn and lion dancers, travels across the city. On the 15th day, people return to the pagoda to pray for happiness and wealth for the New Year.

Tourist Information

IDD code: 84 - 650


Thu Dau Mot Town is 30km from HCM City. National Highways 13 and 14 go through the province.
You can access to Binh Duong from Saigon River or Mien Dong bus station (Ho Chi Minh City).
Bus Station, 30 Thang 4 St., Thu Dau Mot Town

Tourism Division (DCST)

321 Phu Loi St., Thu Dau Mot Town 
Tel: 3822 403, Fax: 3832 801

Tour Operator 

Binh Duong Trade and Tourist Jsc.

2 Pham Ngu Lao St., Thu Dau Mot Town 
Tel: 3826 939, Fax: 3829 213

Binh Duong Trade Union Tourist Service Co.

499 Yersin St., Thu Dau Mot Town 
Tel: 3859 921, Fax: 3859 920

My Viet Travel Co., Ltd.

103 Dong Tu, Lai Thieu, Thuan An Dist. 
Tel: 3755 839, Fax: 3755 389


In Thu Dau Mot Town

Sao Tran Hotel

27 Le Chi Dan St.
Tel: 3830 899, Fax: 3891 177
29 rooms, US$9-18

Binh Duong Hotel

50 Bach Dang St.
Tel: 3822 811, Fax: 3848 101
31 rooms, US$25 - 60

Phuong Thanh Hotel

123 Hoang Van Thu St., 
Chinh Nghia

Residential Area

Tel: 3831 448, 24 rooms, US$6-15

Song Tra Hotel

1/12 Le Hong Phong St.
Tel: 3898 560, Fax: 3898560 
36 rooms, US$5-17

Thien Loc Hotel

Hiep Thanh Ward
Tel: 3838 819, 20 rooms, US$7-10

Uy Ban Binh Duong Guest House

1 Quang Trung St.
Tel: 3835 180, Fax: 3822 174
35 rooms, US$12-24

Vu Gia Hotel

512 Highway 13
Tel: 3829 699, Fax: 3822 755
24 rooms, US$10-18

Binh Minh Hotel

47/7, Noi Hoa 1 Village, Binh An Commune 
Tel: 3751 539, Fax: 3771 513
30 rooms, US$4-12

Binh Thang Hotel

27A Hiep Thang St., Binh Thang Commune 
Tel: 3749 849, 20 rooms, US$3-6

Hong Ngoc Hotel

10A Binh Thung Hamlet, Binh An 
Tel: 3751 049,10 rooms, US$4-6

Long Hoa Hotel

70/30 Dong Hoa Village 
Tel: 3780 755, Fax: 3780 755
32 rooms, US$3-6

Ngoc Anh Hotel

74/1A Dong An Village 
Tel: 3750 351,52 rooms

Ngoc Phat Hotel

55/1A Tan An Hamlet, Tan Dong Hiep 
Tel: 3729 739, 20 rooms, US$3-5

Quynh Anh Hotel

123 Binh Thang Commune 
Tel: 3781 790,17 rooms, US$3-11

Thien Thai Hotel

Dong Hoa Ward
Tel: 3780 613, Fax: 3780 614
80 rooms, US$4-10

In Thuan An District

Din Ky Restaurant - Resort

8/15 Dong Hamlet, Road 13, Vinh Phu Commune. 
Tel: 3755 480, Fax: 3785 197 87 rooms, US$14-35

Hai Long Hotel

54A Binh Duong Ave., Road 13 
Tel: 3757 708,18 rooms

Phuong Nam Resort

15/12 Trung Village, Vinh Phu Commune 
Tel: 3743 553, Fax: 3757 348 
77 rooms, US$22-60

Sai Gon Pak Resort

Binh Phuoc B Village, Binh Chuan Commune 
Tel: 3710 082, Fax: 3710 944 
64 rooms, US$33-75


Binh An

Binh An, Binh Thang Commune, Di An Dist. 
Tel: 3749 011

Bong Sen

15 Tru Van Tho St., Thu Dau Mot Town 
Tel: 3822 137

Cau Ngang

Hung Tho Village, Hung Dinh Commune, Thuan An Dist. 
Tel: 3945 535

Dai Hoa Vien

11A Binh Duong Ave., Lai Thieu, Thuan An Dist. 
Tel: 3718 888

Lang Am Thuc

343 Binh Duong Ave., Thu Dau Mot Town 
Tel: 3811 418


333 Binh Duong Ave, Chanh Nghia Ward,Thu Dau Mot Town
Tel: 3823 604, Fax: 3827 475


Binh Duong Museum

565 Binh Duong Ave, Thu Dau Mot Town 
Tel: 3836 879

Song Be Golf Resort

77 Binh Duong Ave, Lai Thieu, Thuan An Dist. 
Tel: 3756 660, Fax: 3755 804

Binh Duong Water Park

563-567 Binh Duong Ave, Hiep Thanh Ward,Thu Dau Mot Town
Tel: 3835 909, Fax: 3827 587

Medical Services

Binh Duong General Hospital

5 Pham Ngoc Thanh St, Thu Dau Mot Town 
Tel: 382 2920, Fax: 382 8710

Post Office

Binh Duong Post Office

326 Binh Duong Ave, Thu Dau Mot Town 
Tel: 383 4835, Fax: 383 4999



45 Binh Duong Ave, Chanh Nghia Ward, Thu Dau Mot Town. 
Tel: 3822 276


37 Yersin St„Phu Cuong Ward, Thu Dau Mot Town. 
Tel: 3821 307

indovina Bank

22 Doc Lap St, Song Than I.Z 
Tel: 3732 594, Fax: 3732 597


330 Binh Duong Ave, Phu Hoa Ward,Thu Dau Mot Town
Tel: 3827 770, Fax: 3822 070


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