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Binh Phuoc Province 

Capital: Dong Xoai Town
Ethnic groups: Viet (Kinh), Xtieng, Nung, Tay, Khmer, M'Nong 
Highlights: Soc Xiem Site, Ba Ra Mountain, Suoi Lam Tourist Site

Tourist Attractions

Soc Xiem Tourist Site

Located 5km from Binh Long Town, 120km drive from Ho Chi Minh City to Soc Xiem Tourist Site is really pleasant and passes through beautiful landscapes.
The pure, blue lakes and waterfalls in the forests of Soc Xiem are especially favourable for fishing and hunting. The Soc Xiem Tourist Site is also popular with tourists who want to observe the culture, customs and habits of the Xtieng ethnic minority, as well as to visit the rubber plantations and historical remains from the Resistance War against the Americans. Many guesthouses have been built in the Rong style of the Central Highlands with convenient accommodations and restaurants that serve local specialities.

Ba Ra Mountain

Ba Ra Mountain is a beautiful spot in the Phuoc Long Town, 180km from Ho Chi Minh City. The high mountain top of luxurious and dense trees stretches out from an area of low hills. It offers an incredible panoramic view from its peak. Ba Ra is a place whose name is closely connected to the heroic resistance of the people of Phuoc Long. There is a monument commemorating the fighters who sacrificed their lives to defend the region. At the foot of the mountain, near the town of Thac Mo, are the remains of Ba Ra Prison, where many Vietnamese revolutionary fighters were detained by the French.

Suoi Lam Tourist Site

There is a large and beautiful lake about 10km from Dong Xoai Town, in Dong Phu District. Along the shore of the lake, there are several tourist spots, including fantastic floating restaurants. Visitors can boat and swim in the lake or picnic in the forest beside it. On holidays, many tourists from Ho Chi Minh City and other nearby provinces flock to Suoi Lam to relax.


New Rice Festival of the M'Nong The M'Nong minority in Binh Phuoc do not celebrate the traditional New Year's festival of the Viet (or Kinh). Rather, they hold a "New Rice Festival" at the beginning of the harvest season. Every year, the M'Nong starts organizing this festival as soon as they have finished sowing their rice seeds. All the families prepare two to seven pot-bellied jars of wine (the number of jars depends on financial ability), fatten their chickens, ducks or pigs, and wait for the rice to ripen. The festival is held just on the fields, where the meat, wine and rice are displayed to worship God. Each participant pulls off a handful of paddies from a rice ear and puts into a basket, an activity called "taking the rice home".Then, they offer their best wishes to the host who has invited them to drink wine. They all gather around the fire in the middle of the field to drink wine through thin bamboo straws and to eat dried meat. They play gongs, sing and dance all night long.

Tourist Information

IDD code: 84- 651


Dong Xoai Town is 111km from Ho Chi Minh City

Bus Station

Phu Rieng Do St., Tan Phu Ward, Dong Xoai Town. 
Tel: 3883 057

Tourism Division (DCST)

778, Highway 14, Dong Xoai Town 
Tel: 2240 090, Fax: 3883 160

Tour Operator 

Viet Phuoc Travel

1257 Phu Rieng Do St., Dong Xoai Town 
Tel: 3888 234, Fax: 3888 898

In Dong Xoai Town


Binh Phuoc Guest House

Le Duan St., 
Tel: 3881 516, Fax: 3881 518 
37 rooms, US$10-12

Hung Vuong Hotel

Hung Vuong St.
Tel: 3885 757, Fax: 3886 886, 30 rooms

Bich Nga Hotel

332 National Highway 14 
Tel: 3879 185, 25 rooms, US$5-13

Sao Mai Hotel

Hung Vuong St. 
Tel: 3885947, Fax: 3885 946 
26 rooms, US$9-12


Kieu Oanh

663 National Highway 14 
Tel: 3879 400

Tay Nguyen

515 Phu Rieng Do St. 
Tel: 3870 459

The Ky

123 National Highway 14 
Tel: 3879 585


Co.opMart Supermarket

Dong Xoai Centre, Phu Rieng Do 
Tel: 3865 555, Fax: 3865 444

Medical Services

Binh Phuoc General Hospital National

Highway 14 
Tel: 387 0704

Post Office

Binh Phuoc Post Office National

Highway 14 
Tel: 387 0270



711 Highway 14, Tan Binh Ward 
Tel: 3879 494, Fax: 3879 490


Highway 14, Tan Binh Ward 
Tel: 3870 014, Fax: 3870 012

In Phuoc Long Town

Hoan Vu Hotel

71 Dinh Tien Hoang St. 
Tel: 3778 206, 25 rooms, USS8-11

My Le Hotel

4 Nguyen Hue St., Long Thuy Ward 
Tel: 3780 780, Fax: 3780 781 
50 rooms, US$8-23

Van An Restaurant

44 Zone Phuoc Long Market, Thac Mo Ward
Tel: 3779 082


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hotel basin

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