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Dong Nai Province

Capital: Bien Hoa City
Ethnic groups: Viet (Kinh), Hoa, Xtieng, Cho Ro, Cham Highlights: Cat Tien National Park, Tri An Waterfall, Hang Gon Tomb, Tan Trieu Pomelo Village

Tourist Attractions

Tran Bien Temple of Literature

The temple of literature was built in the late 17th century in Buu Long Ward, Bien Hoa City. Like the Temple of Literature in Ha Noi, Tran Bien was a university for students in the South. This structure showed the tradition of encouraging and enjoying study of southerners. In December 1861 when French troops occupied Bien Hoa, this temple was destroyed. It was rebuilt in the late 20th century so that the generations of today understand the history of Vietnamese education. The new Tran Bien Temple of Literature has architectural style of the Temple of Literature in Ha Noi. Annually, there takes place two major events in the temple. They are Xuan Vinh in the 2nd lunar month and Thu Vinh in the 8th lunar month.

Buu Long Tourist Park

Buu Long Tourist Park covers some 84 ha on the outskirts of Bien Hoa City, 6km from city centre, 30km from Ho Chi Minh City. It is a landscape with mountains, pagodas and a large lake, some people excessively call Ha Long Bay in miniature". The Tourist Park embraces Long An Lake, an artificial reservoir covering an area of more than 10 ha. The crystal clear lake has plenty of large rocks that have the look of small islets. Boats will carry visitors around the lake, and to an islet in the middle of the lake. Climbing 35m to the top of the islet, you will watch scenery of zocks and trees make the surroundings cool and pleasant, and help visitors take a comfortable rest after climbing nearly 100 steps. Close to the lake is Buu Long mount, which reflects itself on the lake, creating beautiful scenery. Buu Phong Pagoda was built in the 17th century on the mountain. Nearly 100 steps must be climbed to reach the pagoda. The pagoda was only a thatch roofed hut at first, and was renovated and enlarged in 1829. More renovations have been made recently. Many ancient artifacts are left at the pagoda, including clothes dating back to the Nguyen Dynasty, and lying Buddha statues. Around the pagoda are several towers, large rocks of strange shapes and very big Bodhi trees. The rocks and trees make the surroundings cool and pleasant, and help visitors take a comfortable rest after climbing nearly 100 steps. Near the pagoda is Long Son Thach Grotto, meaning "the Grotto of the Dragon Mount", which contains many stalactites of different shapes, sizes and colours. The entire grotto looks like a frog's jaw.The top of Mount Buu Long provides you with a panorama of Bien Hoa City, which houses many factories of Vietnamese and foreign companies. Also from the top, visitors can see a green stretch of fields interwoven with branches of the Dong Nai River, all creating a mountain-river-country picture.

Tan Trieu Pomelo Ecological Village

Tan Trieu Pomelo Ecological Village belongs to Tan Binh Commune, Vinh Cuu District, 25km from Bien Hoa City, is well known for its many pomelo orchards. Visitors are likely to be offered fruit samples to taste the variety of pomelos available at Tan Trieu. The thanh tra pomelo is easily recognizable for its mild sweetness and sour taste. Residents of Ho Chi Minh City often go on picnics to Tan Trieu Pomelo Village.

Tri An Lake

Tri An Lake is located in Vinh An Town, Vinh Cuu District, 65km from Ho Chi Minh City and 30km from Bien Hoa City. This is a 32,000-ha lake with fresh water and 36 islands. Above of the other islands, there are two adjacent attractive ones: Falcon Island and Dong Truong Island. These two islands have beautiful, poetic and charming sights with fresh air. Tri An lake is a wonderful place to natural lovers.

Cat Tien National Park

The Cat Tien National Park, known for long time as the land of crocodiles, and is globally considered the 411th biosphere reserve. The Park's area covers apart of three provinces of Dong Nai, Binh Phuoc and Lam Dong. This Park with an area of 70,548 ha consists of the Nam Cat Tien Protected Forest (39,108ha) in Dong Nai Province, extended part (26,970ha) of Lam Dong Province, and Binh Phuoc Province (4,470ha). This natural habitat has a diverse and rich ecosystem. The Park treasures 1,362 plant species (440 timber species, 310 medicinal plants, 220 ornamental plant species, 133 orchid species). The fauna includes 62 animal species, 25 of which are listed in Viet Nam's Red Book; and 121 bird species, few of which are classified as rare species such as the white-necked cranes, Indian storks, pheasants (ga loi hong tia), ibis (co quam xanh), one-horned rhinoceros (te giac mot sung), elephants, etc. The Park also has diversified landscapes: hills, alluvial grounds, flat large grounds, strong water currents. In the rainy season, mild springs turn out fierce ones with tremendous water flows on large stones. However, meandering waterfalls create lovely yellow sandy beaches like natural beaches. Legend has it that fairies frequented this place to enjoy the cool and clean water, so it is named Nam Cat Tien (Fairy Sand). In the middle of the large river stand several islands. On the islands are old trees alternating with large grass grounds, which are the ideal place for overnight camping. Cat Tien has preserved from the past historical and cultural sites. In the past war, this place was a revolutionary base. Archaeologists have discovered remains of the Oc-Eo culture dating from the 2nd to 7th centuries AD Built at the peak of a hill near the Dong Nai River in Quang Ngai Commune, Cat Tien District, Lam Dong Province, the temple dedicated to deities belongs to the culture of Funan, a kingdom that was left unnoticed for over 1,300 years. Even now people still talk about the myths and legends associated with the construction of the temple. The Cat Tien National Park is one of the most attractive cultural and eco-tourism destinations in the Southeast Region. Tourists can experience all kinds of tours including trekking, camping, observation of animals at night to learn the life of the wild, visits to ethnic villages, boating on the Dong Nai River or Bau Sau Lake, and other adventurous tours. To reach Cat Tien National Park, from Ho Chi Minh City take National Highway 20 or go the same road to Da Lat.

Hang Gon Ancient Tomb

Hang Gon Ancient Tomb, built more than 2,500 years ago, was listed as a Historic Site by the State. The peculiar trait of the tomb is that it has been built with large flat stones. It is regarded as a type of South East Asian dolmen or megalithic construction. The ancient tomb is located in Xuan Tan Commune, Long Khanh Town, approximately 80km from Bien Hoa City.


The Cham and Khmer people who live in the province hold their own typical festivals: the Royal Haji ritual of the Cham People, and the Cholchnam Thmay Festival of the Khmer.

Ky Yen Ceremony

Ky Yen Ceremony, which is also called Deity's Spirit Ceremony, is held in different place at different periods of the year. Its ritual is just like the Southern ceremony to Deities: Tien Hien and Hau Hien worshipping, deity procession, offerings to the deity ritual and driving away plague ceremony. Every three years traditional dances and classical drama performances are held.
- At Nguyen Huu Canh Temple, the Ky Ypn Ceremony is held on the 26th day of the 6th lunar month, and on the 11th day of the 11th lunar month.
- At An Hoa Communal House, the Ky Yen ceremony is held on 15th and 16th days of the 8th lunar month. Apart from the ceremony activities, there are boat races and a game called "xo gian thi thuc". - At noon, a scaffold is set out for everyone to compete to catch offerings, which are considered to be the deities' grants.
- At the temple dedicated to Nguyen Tri Phuong, the Ky Yen Ceremony is held on the 16th and 17th days of the 10th lunar month.
- Tan Lan Communal House is dedicated to a Commander- in-chief in Thuong Xuyen border, and the Ky Yen Ceremony is held on the 23rdday of the 11th lunar month.

Tourist Information

IDD code: 84 - 61


Bien Hoa City is 30km northeast of Ho Chi Minh City.

Bien Hoa Railway Station

Hung Dao Vuong St., Bien Hoa City 
Tel: 382 3726 
The Reunification Express Train (Ho Chi Minh City - Ha Noi) stops here.

Bus Station

National Highway 1A, Binh Da Ward, Bien Hoa City. 
Tel: 383 7529.
There are every 25 minutes bus from Cho Lon Bus Station (Ho Chi Minh City). 
Taxi Mai Linh: 3826 262 
Vietnam Airlines have office at 25-27 Pham Van Thuan St., Bien Hoa City. 
Tel: 6255 888, Fax: 6250 479.

Tourism Division (DCST)

251,30 thang 4 St., Bien Hoa City 
Tel: 3916 497, Fax: 3828 725

In Bien Hoa City

Tour Operator 

Dong Nai Tourist Jsc.

105 Ha Huy Giap St. 
Tel: 382 2369, Fax: 3947 614


Buu Long Hotel

Huynh Van Nghe Road, Buu Long Ward 
Tel: 3951 810, Fax: 3952 725 
18 rooms, US$5-8

Diamond Hotel

106 Nguyen Tri Phuong St, Buu Hoa Ward 
Tel: 395 6979, Fax: 395 7098
28 rooms, US$15-20

Dong Nai Hotel

57 Pham Van Thuan, Tan Tien Ward 
Tel: 382 2267, Fax: 3825 576 
84 rooms, US$22-49

Guest House

71 71 Ha Huy Giap St, Quyet Thang Ward 
Tel: 382 2487, Fax: 3947 891 
74 rooms, US$9-20

Ngoc Yen Hotel

C11C, Tan HiepWard 
Tel: 3894 788, Fax: 3958 909
40 rooms, US$4-6

The Peace Hotel

9 Vo Thi Sau St, Quyet Thang Ward 
Tel: 394 2100, Fax: 384 7765
41 rooms, US$17-19

Sao Mai Hotel

395A road 6, Tan Tien ward 
Tel: 3817 844, 26 rooms, US$7-15

Vinh An Hotel

107 Ha Huy Giap St, Quyet Thang Ward 
Tel: 3827169, Fax: 382 3880
27 rooms, US$10-13


An Phat

K3/120A Bui Huu Nghia, 
Tel: 3859 016 
Sea food

Cay Dua

23/1A Cach Mang Thang Tam St. 
Tel: 3941 777, Fax: 3941 234

Cay Soi 2

111A Cach Mang Thang Tam St, 
Tel: 3846 443

Dong Khoi 1

35-36 KP6, Dong Khoi St. 
Tel: 3899 329, Fax: 3821 931

Dong Khoi 2

185 PhanTrung, 
Tel: 3819 459

Dong Nai

113 Cach Mang Thang Tam St, 
Tel: 3846 407, Fax: 3846 124


An Tuong

75K Ha Huy Giap, 
Tel: 3825 377

Coi Nguon

110/5 Ha Huy Giap, 
Tel: 3818 892

Song Trang

19/5 Nguyen Van Tri St, 
Tel: 3942 069


Dong Nai Museum

Nguyen Ai Quoc Road 
Tel: 382 7345, Fax: 3810 587


Bien Hoa Market

18 Ly Thuong Kiet St.

Big C Supermatket

Long Binh Tan ward, 
Tel: 3833 180 

Coop Mart Supermarket Bien Hoa

121 Pham Van Thuan
Tel: 3949 989

Tan Phong Market

1A Highway

Medical Services

General Hospital

30 thang 4 St, 
Tel: 3816 676

Post Office

Dong Nai Post Office

1,30 thang 4 St. 
Tel: 382 2045, Fax: 382 5877



121-123, 30 thang 4 St. 
Tel: 3818 964, Fax: 3825 667

indovina Bank

C1-1, Long Binh Tan Ward 
Tel: 3832 951, Fax: 3931 920


77C Hung Dao Vuong St. 
Tel: 3822 766, Fax: 3824 191


Bo Chang Dong Nai Golf Resort (27 holes)

Trang Bom Town
Tel: 386 6288, Fax: 386 4426

Long Thanh Golf Club (36 holes)

Tan Mai 2 Hamlet, Phuoc Tan Commune,
Long Thanh Dist.
Tel: 351 2512, Fax: 351 2513

In Long Khanh Town

Hoa Binh K4 Hotel

110 National Highway 1, Phu Binh Ward
Tel: 387 7302, Fax: 387 7302 
15 rooms, US$4-8

In Long Thanh Dist.

Green Club Resort

Phuoc Tan Commune 
Tel: 393 0071, Fax: 393 9610 
110 rooms, US$25-40

Hoang Cam Hotel

13/9 Phuoc Hai, Long Thanh Town 
Tel: 384 4444, Fax: 384 4444 
50 rooms, US$8-13


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