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Lai Chau Province 

Capital: Lai Chau Town
Ethnic groups: Thai, H'Mong, Viet (Kinh), Dao, Giay
Highlights: Tien Son Cave, Tain Duong, Sin Ho Village

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Hotels in Lai Chau
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Tourist Attractions

Sin Ho

Sin Ho is a mountainous village in Lai Chau Province, where various ethnic groups are living together. The village is a 38km climb on road off National Route 12. On Sunday, ethnic people in their most beautiful costumes flock to the market, creating a very colourful picture.

Tien Son Cave

Tien Son Cave is situated in Binh Lu Commune, Tam Duong District. The cave boasts numerous stalactites and stalagmites in extraordinary shapes. The beauty of Tien Son Cave is attracting numerous tourists.

Tam Duong

This remote town lies between Sa Pa and Lai Chau Town. It is one of the overnight stops for people after a long travelling. This is place for H'Mong local people. Coming to this place, tourists have a chance to enjoy local market and discover the local custom. The landscape in this place is very nice. If you have spare time, please pay a visit to some neighbouring local villages.


Xen Muong Festival

Dragon day of the 2ndlunar month 
Every year, residents in Muong Than Village, Than Uyen District hold Xen Muong Festival to commemorate the village founders. The festival takes place on an area close to a stream. In addition to the ritual of offering buffalo, people can take part in traditional games and watch dancing performance.

Bamboo Sprout Festival

The Bamboo Sprout Festival of the Mang, Xa, Khang, Xinh Mun, La Hu and Kho Mu ethnic groups is generally held at the beginning of the rainy season when the young shoots begin to grow. 
They organise these ceremonial festivities to wish for a good crop, benevolent rain and wind, a storehouse filled with rice and corn, and happiness for everyone. The festival is also organised to thank the Gen.ies of Heaven and Earth for all their generosity.

Tourist Information

IDD code: 84 - 231


Lai Chau Town is 100km from Muong-L'ay Town (Dien Bien Province) and 180km from Dien Bien Phu City, 45km from Sa Pa (Cao Cai Province), 440km from Ha Noi.


There are direct buses between Ha Noi and Lai Chau, departing at 4am from Southern Bus Station (Ben Xe Phia Nam) in Ha Noi.

Tam Duong Bus Station

Quyet Thang 1 St., Lai Chau Town 
Tel: 3875 180

Tourism Division (DCST)

Doan Ket Ward, Lai Chau Town 
Tel: 3877 727, Fax: 3876 504


Hotels in Lai Chau
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There are restaurants in Lai Chau such as Ban Mai, Chu Thoong 2, Hai Lien, Tinh ca Tay Bac, Tuan Anh...


There are colourful Sunday markets in Muong Te and Sin Ho Districts. It is interesting to make a visit to local ethnic markets in Lai Chau Town.

Post Office

Phong Chau 2 St.,
Tel: 3875101

Medical Services

Lai Chau Hospital

Phong Chau 1 St., Lai Chau Town 
Tel: 3875 115



Phong Chau 2 St., Lai Chau Town
Tel: 3876 998


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