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South Central Coast Vietnam

Ninh Thuan Province

Capital: Phan Rang - Thap Cham City
Ethnic groups: Viet (Kinh), Cham, Ra Glai, Hoa, Co Ho 
Highlights: Po Klong Garai Cham Towers, Porome Towers, Ca Na and Ninh Chu Beaches

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Tourist Attractions

Po Klong Garai Towers

The tower is located on Trau Hill in Do Vinh Ward, approximately 9km north west of Phan Rang - Thap Cham, near Thap Cham Railway Station. This group of four towers remains from a group of six towers constructed in the late 13th century and early 14th century to worship King Po Klong Garai, Read More

Porome Tower

The tower is located on a hill in Hau Sanh Hamlet, Phuoc Huu Village, Ninh Phuoc District. It is 15 kilometers southwest of Phan Rang-Thap Cham. Porome Tower was built Read More

Bau Truc Pottery Village

Bau Truc - a famous pottery craft village of the Cham ethnic group is located on National Highway 1A in Phuoc Dan Town, Ninh Phuoc District, about 10km south of Phan Rang -Thap Cham City. Read More

Ca Na Beach

Ca Na Beach is located nearby National Highway 1A, 32km south of Phan Rang -Thap Cham City in Phuoc Dien Commune, Ninh Phuoc District. The beach is considered as "a princess in sleep" because it still remains primitive nature and landscape. Coming here, visitors will enjoy swimming Read More

Ninh Chu Beach

Ninh Chu Beach is located 5km east of Phan Rang - Thap Cham, in Ninh Hai District. It is famous for its 10km of white sand shaped like a crescent moon, turquoise water, and green pino traos. Read More

Vinh Hy Bay

Vinh Hy Bay is located in Bac Son Commune, Thuan Bac District, about 42km northeast of Phan Rang - Thap Cham City. The bay has preserved its natural beauty with white sand beaches Read More

Nui Chua National Park

Nui Chua National Park, located in Ninh Hai and Thuan Bac Districts, about 20km from Phan Rang - Thap Cham City, has an area of 29,865ha, including 22,513ha of land and 7,352ha of sea. Nui Chua National Park is a special type with a dry ecology in Southeast Asia. Read More


Kate Ceremony, Cha Bun Ceremony, Roya Idiladha Festival and Ra Glai Tribe Festival Read More

Tourist Information

IDD code: 84 - 68


Phan Rang - Thap Cham City is 105km south of Nha Trang, 110km east of Da Lat, 147km north of Phan Thiet, 334km north of Ho Chi Minh City,


Thap Cham Railway Station

7 Phan Dinh Phung St., Phan Rang - Thap 53 Cham City
Tel: 3888 029, Fax: 3888 029 
It is a scheduled stop for express trains. 5 star Si train from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang stops here.


Phan Rang Bus Station

23 Thong Nhat St., Phan Rang - Thap Cham City. 
Tel: 3822 926

Ca Na Bus Station

Kinh Dinh Ward, Phan Rang - Thap Cham City.
Tel: 3822 821

Tourism Division (DCST)

16-4 St., Phan Rang-Thap Cham City 
Tel: 3822 627, Fax: 3830 360

Tour Operator 

Ninh Thuan Tourist Jsc.

626 Thong Nhat St., 
Phan Rang - Thap Cham City
Tel: 3836 405, Fax: 3820 091


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Read More

Post Office

217A Thong Nhat St., Phan Rang - Thap Cham City. 
Tel: 3824 430, Fax: 3823 199

Medical Services

General Hospital

45 Le Hong Phong St., Phan Rang - Thap Cham City. 
Tel: 3822 661



138, 21 thang 8 St., Phan Rang -Thap Cham City. 
Tel: 3825 550


468 Thong Nhat St., Phan Rang - Thap Cham City. 
Tel: 3920 888

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