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Quang Ngai Province

Capital: Quang Ngai City
Ethnic groups: Viet (Kinh), Hre, Co, Xo Dang
Highlights: Chau Sa Citadel, Sa Huynh and My Khe beaches, Son My Site

Hotels in Quang Ngai
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Tourist Attractions

Chau Sa Citadel

The imposing Chau Sa Citadel was built in the 9|h century and has been almost completely preserved. Surrounded by two 5m-high walls, the citadel is situated north of the Tra estuary, a rich agricultural region and a busy pottery - trading centre of the Champa Kingdom during the 9th century. In Chau Sa Citadel are the remains of Con Luy Tower. The 25m-high walls of the tower jut out of the sea to protect the Chau Sa Citadel.

Thien An Mountain and Tra Khuc River

Near the Tra Khuc Bridge, on the bank of the Tra Khuc River, stands Thien An Mountain. There is a spiral path shaded by Banyan trees leading up from the foot of the mountain. At the top of Thien An Mountain, there is a great view of the Tra Khuc River and the surrounding landscapes.

Sa Huynh Beach

Sa Huynh Beach lies close to National Highway 1, in Pho Thanh Commune, Duc Pho District, 60km south of Quang Ngai City, making it an ideal location for tourism. It is a beautiful beach with clear water, golden sand, and pine trees. From here, visitors can go on excursions to Liet Son Lake and the nearby mountains, which are home to a great number of monkeys. Nowadays, hotels and resorts have been built in the area of Sa Huynh Beach to provide travellers with places to stay and relax by the sea while exploring the wild and splendid landscape.

Sa Huynh archaeological relics

Sa Huynh archaeological relics, about 60 km south of Quang Ngai City, lies on the coastal line of Sa Huynh in the area of Pho Thanh and Pho Khanh communes, Due Pho District. Sa Huynh archaeological relics were found for the first time by French archaeologist M.Vinet in 1909. Read More

Son My Site

The site was built in 1976 in Tu Cung Hamlet, Tinh Khe Commune, Son Tinh District, in memory of the civilians who were killed during the American War. It is located on the land where the American troops cruelly massacred the local people on the morning of 16 March 1968. Read More

My Khe Beach

Located 15km from the city of Quang Ngai in Tinh Khe Commune, Son Tinh District, My Khe Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Central Vietnam. It is approximately 8km long and has fine white powdery sand, gently waves. Close to swimming beach and Read More

Ly Son Island

Ly Son Island, formerly known as Re Island, is also a district of Quang Ngai Province with a total area of about 10 km2 including 3 communes of An Vinh, An Binh and An Hai, about 24km from Read More



Nghinh Ong Festival

This is the biggest water festival of its kind, held by coastal fishermen in Quang Ngai Province. For a long time, the Whale has been considered a sacred creature of the sea and the saviour Read More

Tourist Information

IDD code: 84 - 55


Quang Ngai City is 100km from Hoi An, 130km from Da Nang, 174km from Quy Nhon, 215km from Hue, 835km from Ho Chi Minh City and 864km from Ha Noi.


Quang Ngai Railway Station

Nguyen Chanh St., Quang Ngai City 
Tel: 3820 272/ 820 280, Fax: 3828 750 
The Reunification Express train stops at Quang Ngai.


Quang Ngai Bus Station

26 Le Thanh Ton St., Quang Ngai City 
Tel: 3822 895


There are everyday boats from Sa Ky Port (362 6431) to Ly Son Island, start at 8am. It takes 1h10 by high-speed boat and 2h30 by wooden boat.


Mai Linh Taxi Tel: 3838 383 
Pham Thong Taxi Tel: 3818 818

Tourism Division (DCST)

105 Hung Vuong Blv., Quang Ngai City 
Tel: 3822 716, Fax: 3829 473

Tour Operator 

Quang Ngai Tourist Jsc.

310 Quang Trung St., Quang Ngai City 
Tel: 3825 292, Fax: 3817 811


Hotels in Quang Ngai
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Read More

Post Office

80 Phan Dinh Phung St. 
Tel: 3822 899, Fax: 3826 799

Medical Services

Quang Ngai General Hospital

184, Hung Vuong Blvd. 
Tel: 3823 070 / 3822 888



56 Hung Vuong Blv, Quang Ngai City 
Tel: 3827 501


345 Hung Vuong Blv, Quang Ngai City 
Tel: 3828 578


97 Hung Vuong Blv, Quang Ngai City 
Tel: 3822 599

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